Trump Continues to Assault Free Elections, and Californians’ Voting Rights

Trump Continues to Assault Voting Rights, and Californians’ Voting Rights

Just one day after my last article, in which I warned that Trump will again assault our election rights and our voting rights in the future, he struck again.  In the previous article, I listed all of the ways that he has previously assaulted them in the primaries and in the Presidential election.

Trump doesn’t even have to put out a press release, or announce through one of his spokeswomen, or wait until he is sworn in as President, or get a Congressional investigation, or get an act of Congress passed, or appoint the next Supreme Court justice and bring forth a relevant case, or wait for the result of a State investigation, or the FBI’s federal investigation of voting, he just has to make one 142 character or less tweet!  And how absurd a fact-less tweet it was:  that millions cast their votes illegally, especially in California, and that without this, Trump would have won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote.

California, being a democratic and Democratic state, is in the forefront of making voting easy, and in helping voters eliminate any discrepancies that would disqualify an attempt to vote, as in other states.  This could include allowing voters to vote in other precincts than their registered ones, in resolving current and previous addresses, in not disqualifying voters if they don’t remember their registration name details, or in not having sufficient ID.  This does not make any of their votes illegal, since all of them have to be verified.  I must admit that I did not go to a polling place to witness millions of illegals vote, I just mailed the ballot in a couple of weeks early, as did many Californians.  It is really an insult to Californian voters to imply that millions of us are illegal.  Maybe this is just the first of many strikes against California that Trump will make to wreck revenge on California for not voting for him.

It is an odd contrast that just in the past few days Trump was assaulting Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton for trying to make the election results more accurate by a recount, and now claiming a much more massive voter fraud, without asking for a massive California recount, and paying for it.

Since Trump may finish behind in the popular vote by two million or more, he is implying that as many as three million votes were illegal.  A few days ago, Trump made a sensible statement about the popular vote:  that if the election depended on the popular vote, he would have changed his campaign entirely, and spent most of his time in California, New York, and maybe Florida, the higher population states, (aside from Texas, which already was in his bag.)  Now, his fear of being seen as a loser, even though the popular vote is not the correct measure here, has caused him to find a way to claim that he won the popular vote as well.

I have emphasized that during the campaign Trump and his experienced legal shills, Gov. Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, violated due process in insisting that Clinton was guilty of something, and should be put in jail, despite there being no charges against her.  Trump implied that millions of illegal immigrants voted, a crime punished by a year in jail.  Trump also implied that millions of legal California voters actually were illegal, and therefore should be deported.  In essence, Trump was committing a crime by bearing false witness against millions of Californians.  I don’t think any past President has ever done such a thing.

I can only repeat my warning of the previous article, but now strengthened, that Trump will seek to further destroy our right to free elections and to vote, in order to further enhance his ego and to guarantee his future re-election.



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