Math of the 2016 Election

This article contains the pdf of the lecture that I am giving to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UC Irvine, on Dec. 6, 2016.  It started as the math hidden in the primaries, but got delayed until after the Nov. 8 general election.  With the surprising result of that election, I added on data from that.   It also has local California results, Orange County results, nearby coastal congressional results, and Irvine results.  A few vote totals, but not results, may change by the  upcoming completion dates.



About Dennis SILVERMAN

I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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