Day 3, Kellyanne Attacks Free Speech of a Million Demonstrators

Day 3, Kellyanne Attacks Free Speech of a Million Demonstrators

I didn’t monitor all Sunday morning interview programs, as Trump does, but I did read that Kellyanne said that the demonstrators in the Women’s March only had to have had a dialogue with her. What does this imply?

A dialogue is a talk between only two people. Who of the million could be chosen, and how, to be the one person for the dialogue?

Their messages were to women and men across the country and world, those who vote, those who could run, our children, all of our elected representatives including the Congress, President Trump, his White House advisors, the Supreme Court and other Court justices, Trump’s future justice appointees, members of Women’s lobbying groups and other NGOs, Planned Parenthood, etc.

Who on earth is Kellyanne to say that their free speech and protests should only be to her alone, by only one protester, secretly given, and probably only over lunch? No indication that Kellyanne would relay the message to the Press, any Media outlets that constantly interview her, nobody in the White House, and especially not to President-Thin-Skin Trump.

I do not remember a single incidence in governance in my life where a single, non-elected person, has claimed such a constraint on the free speech of millions! And I lived through McCarthyism and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s reign.

But where have I heard something like Kellyanne’s statement before?  Oh, yes, in the musical Evita, who, in her last public appearance, she sings:  “Let me simply go on as the woman who brings her people To the heart of Peron”.

Instead of defending Trump’s policies, Kellyanne always diverts to an attack on a Democrat.   In this case she picked on Madonna for using a few four letter words, in her stirring talk to the Washington March.  Oddly enough, Maddona beautifully sang the part of Evita in the musical.   A coincidence?  Another coincidence is that Kellyanne defended Trump’s well known taped confession of assaulting women as just locker room talk.   She also defended Trump recently by saying ignore his words, I know what is in his heart.   By the way, Evita did get Peron elected.  Is Evita Kellyanne’s heroine, since Kellyanne was Trump’s campaign manager and pollster, and got him elected?

But wait, we haven’t heard from other members of the White House jockeying for power, if Kellyanne is really the only person through whom people can communicate with Lord Trump. Nor have we yet heard whether Trump approves of her statement (or even suggested it?)

Where will we be on free speech by day 100 of the Reign of Trump? (Or even day 4?)

Remember when Trump tweeted that those who burned an American flag would lose their citizenship, and spend a year in jail?   This, despite the Supreme Court ruling that flag burning was allowable free speech, and that the way to dispose of our flag is only by burning.

On Day 2, Trump attacked the NY Times for publishing comparison pictures of crowds in the mall for Obama’s 2009 and Trump’s inauguration, which showed a nearly empty mall for Trump’s inauguration.

By coincidence, I just watched the movie “The Interview ” on TBS, where the news crew was sent to kill Kim Jong Un.  Remember when North Korea hacked SONY, who made this film, and forced SONY not to release the picture, or else it would release SONY’s film library?  Trump is not the only thin-skinned National leader.  Trump has also dissed SNL for their portrayal of him, often using his own statements and actions.  Trump forgets the irony of his leading the birther and Muslim attack against Obama for five years.

Trump also attacked CNN on his first press conference since the election, and refused to let the accused ask a question.

By the way, when Trump said he felt like 39, why did he pick 39?  That was an old joke by an old time comedian, Jack Benny, who would always lied about his age and said he was 39.  Only old people remember that Jack Benny joke.

There is no relaxation of Trump’s attack on the freedom of the press in the Presidential period, even after Trump has sworn on a stack of bibles to uphold the Constitution.

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