American Carnage: Trump’s Reelection Campaign Versus Rahm Emanuel

American Carnage: Trump’s Reelection Campaign Versus Rahm Emanuel

After the inauguration, I figured that Trump’s publicized concern about the sad and unusual rise in Chicago shootings and deaths was really about his likely Democratic opponent in 2020, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. After one week in office, American Carnage could better describe Trump’s haphazard and extremely sudden unconstitutional carrying out of his immigration exclusion policy. This policy against immigration of refugees from Muslim countries in Middle East conflicts, will lead to much strife for Americans and American forces there, as pointed out many times by a past Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Who can forget the many year congressional investigations and forced turnover of Hillary Clinton’s emails because she used a personal server, which even every member of Congress is permitted to do. Not only was Clinton not found prosecutable or her server hacked, she was also attacked daily by the Rupert Murdoch news empire, especially Fox News, Republican nominee for President Donald Trump (jail Hillary chant). Then FBI Director James Comey overstepped his legal investigative roll in chastising, but not charging Clinton publicly. Finally, 11 days from the election, he brought the Anthony Wiener computer to light as a crucial Pandora’s box, on which the survival of our nation could depend. That proved a dud, but only 3 days before the election, before which many voters decided and early voted.  Trump has extended Comey’s service, after the excellent job that he has done.

In his inaugural speech, President Trump began a four year assault by him (demeaning the Presidency), and soon to be followed by Republican investigative committees, and Fox News, on Rahm Emanuel, quite similar to the Clinton one, but much stepped up, since the last one worked so well, and since actual deaths are occurring.

In Wikipedia, Rahm Emanuel was Senior Advisor to President Clinton from 1993 to 1998, Representative for Illinois’s 5th District and Chair of the House Democratic Caucus from 2005-7, White House Chief of Staff for President Obama from 2009-2010, and Mayor of Chicago from 2011 until now. He has 14 years of excellent experience in running government at all levels, compared to Trump’s, so far, one week carnage.  Rahm will be 61 in 2020, and Trump will be 74.  We know absolutely nothing about Trump’s health record.    Oh, I forgot, we know a vast amount about Trump’s mental record.

Donald Tump named his own poison in this one.

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