Covering Many of Trump’s Issues in a Day

Trump Has Attained a State of Maximal Chaos Among Correspondents

At least he has for this blogger. My head is spinning trying to choose a topic for today. I was just going to write humorous fake headlines. But I realize that all of the subjects are quite serious. I am just going to randomly reflect on some topics, in short comments. This is not my fault, Trump has purposely caused all of this chaos throwing multiple attacks out so that he can slip them past us.

Why on earth does Trump want to foist an unqualified Betsy DeVos on the nation as Secretary of Education. Her ad, just on, lists Parochial Schools as one of families four choices. Trump has a lot of important issues to work on, like national security. Why does he want an appointee who will be a sore on his administration for four or eight years. The reason is of course partly Trump’s ego, that he never makes an error, and, heaven forbid, that he couldn’t properly vet someone. Of course, other factors are that Trump wants to appeal to evangelicals, and fund their religious schools. He also wants funds, and Mrs. DeVos’s family has given over $200 million in Republican donations. Because the Senate vote on DeVos will be split 50-50, religious-school-supporting VP Pence will be called on to cast the tie-breaking vote. This is a plus for Pence’s evangelical followers, and why Pence is VP, but could also be a disappointment if DeVos flubs her job, or if funding religious schools and defunding public schools becomes contentious.

When will Trump start taking responsibility for our National Security? He has blamed Obama for other problems. Now he blames a district judge for causing any future breaches, while the judge only held off for a weekend, to hear arguments. Trump responded by his usual labeling the judge a so-called judge. Trump has ignored his Cabinet and his Administrative Departments as one branch of government, then he has threatened Senators who might oppose him, our second branch of government. Now Trump is attacking personally our third branch of government, the judiciary. Where did Trump go to high school to learn civics? Oh yea, a military academy. Actually, Trump was trained by Underworld and McCarthy lawyer Roy Cohen, to always attack and sue. So Trump has been involved in 3200 court cases. He has previously attacked the American judge in his Trump University case as being Mexican and prejudiced against him. Trump’s list of banned nations came from an older Obama list, so he blames the backlash on Obama.

Now Trump claims that many terror attacks weren’t covered in the press. Maybe Trump was playing Golf at Mar-a-Lago, or dancing at a Charity Ball, while the rest of us watched these tragedies being reported on TV. Or, does Trump just not have a good memory, which would be a serious mental handicap in his position as President. Or, does he simply have no limits on his assault on the press. The real story that is not being reported is Trump or Steve Bannon interacting with the Cabinet, or the Administration’s agencies, or the Congress, or the public, in drafting any of the executive orders. That is because it is not happening. These orders are just driven by dogma, and not worth the paper they are printed on.

Trump is being driven and also being checked by his desire to be reelected. The question is what will he be like if he is reelected, and has no restrictions on his ideas and actions, whatsoever, during his second term?

It’s amazing how Trump creates his own memes, Trump is now labeled as the “so-called President”. Since Trump invented the term American Carnage, I think it will either be applied to Trump’s administrative mess, or to the results of our Trump supported gun culture, or to both.

Trump versus California: Trump has asked his administration to see how they can take federal funds from California’s Sanctuary Cities, which are our largest cities. Then he threatened either UC Berkeley, or the whole UC system, to withhold federal funds from them, on a Trumped up charge that the UC took away free speech rights to an alt-right provocateur.

California now receives about the same amount of Federal taxes back as it pays. The LA Times says that the federal government spends $367.8 million in California. 56% of that goes to Social Security, Medicare, or Mede-Cal. These benefits go to individuals, so you can’t deny their necessary funding. $105 billion goes to the state, which is about 58% of the state taxes in the states’ budget.

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