Mobility Rates for California University Students from Bottom to Top Quintiles

Mobility Rates for California University Students From Bottom to Top Quintiles

We have looked at the data file for the Equality of Opportunity upward mobility study, that was discussed two previous articles. Here we present the Mobility rate for children in families with income in the bottom quintile, to their salaries at age 34 in the top income quintile. We cover the University of California campuses along with Stanford and USC. We also present results for the Eastern Elite universities.

The table has the percent of students who make it from the bottom fifth to the top fifth of income.

UC Irvine, 6.8%

UC Riverside, 6.0%

UCLA, 5.6%

UC Berkeley, 4.9%

UC San Diego, 4.8%

UC Davis, 4.4%

University of Southern California, 3.9%

California Institute of Technology, 3.2%

UC Santa Barbara, 3.1%

UC Santa Cruz, 2.8%

Stanford University 2.2%

It’s important to note that many Cal State campuses do an excellent job in mobility. CSU Los Angeles was 5th in the country at 9.9%.

For UC Irvine, the Success Rate for taking children in the bottom fifth to the top fifth is 55.3%.

Here are results for some Eastern Elite Universities.

Columbia University, 3.1%

Cornell University, 2.9%

Yale University, 2.1%

Harvard University, 1.8%

Brown University, 1.5%

Dartmouth University, 1.4%

Princeton University, 1.3%

The City Universities of New York, CUNY, are leaders in the nation for Mobility. Numbers 2 to 4 in the country are:

Bernard M. Baruch College, 12.9%

City College of New York, 11.7%

Lehrman College, 10.2%

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