Finding the Personal Logic Scheme of President Donald Trump

Finding the Personal Logic Scheme of President Donald Trump

Logic is a part of mathematics.  The standard one we use is called Aristotelian logic.  Most people may be unaware that what we call and teach as mathematics is only a relative scheme, based on the axioms that we choose.  There are many such schemes.  The best example is the Euclidean geometry that we standardly teach, which would be great if the Earth was flat.  The standard axiom that we use in this is that two parallel lines will never meet.  However, if you fly an airplane, or launch a satellite, you know that the Earth is a sphere, and two lines that start out parallel can meet.  So, there are many geometries, with different starting axioms.  Lacking a specific name, they are classed as Non-Euclidean Geometries.  There must be many logics then, based on starting axioms.

It took a paranoid personality and mathematician, Kurt Gödel, to have a doubt about the uniqueness of mathematics.  Gödel’s theorem is that in any mathematical scheme, there will be certain true statements that cannot be proved with the finite axioms in the scheme.

A famous psychologist (that I have yet to remember) argued that mentally disturbed people each have their own logic.  Paranoids often believe that they are being watched, by the government.  Some people on the internet, (like me), believe that every click is being monitored by Big Data companies to create some profit for themselves.

We are all aware that Trump does and says a lot of things that make him unique, as a “disrupter”.  We really have to establish what the axioms are that Trump follows to understand the wealth of data that we have on him.  Most importantly, we have to be convinced that he has enough awareness of the real world to not get us into falsely motivated wars, and to never get us into a nuclear war.   But, knowing his particular logic, everyone would benefit from this:  Americans, the Press, foreign governments, his own family, the white house staff, his spokespeople, the Congress, the Courts, the Cabinet, the National Security agencies, the military, and the administrative departments.  It’s odd to consider, that Big Data companies could have a lot of personal information about Trump’s computer interactions, but he never seems to be using a computer, only a smart phone for tweeting.

His logic scheme is actually different from his known traits of interaction and reaction, since it underlies it.  I suspect that his family and his longtime and close business associates know the basic axioms that he follows, and how they fit together.  Unfortunately, these are the people who financially, and by non-disclosure agreements, are totally incapable of talking publicly about Trump, except to endlessly praise him.  Being totally surrounded by “Yes people” also makes him very susceptible to serious mistakes and actions.

Our own psychological and psychiatric associations have refused to allow mental assessments of Trump.  However, that doesn’t stop any of us from trying to detect the axioms and theorems of his logical scheme.  I am betting that foreign governments have intelligence teams working on this.  This is not my paranoia, since the better that they understand President Trump, the safer we are.


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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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