Summary of the New EPA Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Summary of the New EPA Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2015

The data on US greenhouse gas emissions comes from the 2017 Executive Summary of this report.  Despite it being a 2017 report, it has the latest data through 2015.

The combination of greenhouse gases producing the CO2e or CO2 equivalent in 2015 is:
CO2 82.2%
CH4 10.0%
NO 5.1%
HFCs 2.8%


The US greenhouse gas emissions in 2015 were 6,587 million metric tons (MMT) of CO2e. The peak emissions occurred around 2005, when they were. 7,313 MMT. This represents a decrease of 10%, which is already 38% of the US Paris Agreement goal of a 26%-28% reduction by 2025.

The reasons for a recent decrease in emissions is a decrease of coal usage, a warmer winter, and less electricity use.

CO2 production by source for 2015 is:
Petroleum 42.8%
Coal 28.2%
Natural Gas 29.0%
Coal produced 34% of US electricity in 2015.


2015 Energy Consumption by Source is:
Petroleum 36.6%
Natural Gas 29.0%
Coal 16.2%
Renewable 9.7%
Nuclear Electric 8.6%

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