FBI Director Comey Fired: Trump Blames it on Clinton

FBI Director Comey Fired: Trump Blames it on Clinton

With so many continuous commentators on all cable networks, it is hard to have an original outlook. Mine was that while Trump claims that he is in the clear, as in the Clinton independent server fiasco, Comey violated protocol, went public, and shamed Clinton, despite having no evidence of intent, on which to prosecute her.

Trump did not want Comey doing that again in his case. What did Trump do wrong that he couldn’t be prosecuted for? Hiring so many Russian servants who didn’t register as foreign agents? Not firing national security advisor Lt. Gen. Flynn when President Obama and Acting Attorney General Yates told Trump that Flynn could be blackmailed?

The last straw was that Comey testified that he would do it again, an arrow pointed directly at Trump, since Comey gave his Clinton news conference without the review or approval of the Attorney General, who is now Trump’s legal blocker Jeff Sessions.



Fortunately, the new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who has been serving for two weeks, had plenty of time to initiate and complete studies and reports on Comey and consult broadly to write a letter that recommended that Comey be fired.   He must have carefully weighed the fact that it would only be the second time that an FBI director had been fired, and that over a century ago.

It must have just been coincidence that the instant firing of Comey, occurred a day before he was to testify again, on the same day that Flynn’s associates were being subpoenaed by a Grand Jury, and the day before Trump was to meet, for the first time, with Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov.

The News finally pointed out that the Senate had nine aides investigating these Russian issues, previous important investigations such as Clinton’s roll in Libya, and Watergate, had between 50 and a 100 investigators.

While this marks the end of our independent system of Justice, we can be consoled that this brought back Kellyanne Conway. We at least have back our gateway to the “alternate universe”. Kellyanne holds 10 US speed records for diverting the questions from Trump to a Democrat, preferably Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Wiener, or FDR. She also holds five Russian speed records for diverting questions about Putin to the usual Democratic suspects, listed above.

As a former elementary particle theorist, I have to lay the claim that physicists have been working for at least two years on the alternate or “dark” universe of particles and forces that would account for dark matter. As in Kellyanne’s alternate universe, the dark universe is only very weakly connected to the standard, well verified, universe that concerns our everyday existence.

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