Trump Topics in Short

Trump Topics in Short

Trump not taped before Russia visit, but probably Russia taped now.

Trump was upset over Clinton’s erasure of emails, but Trump gives no files to Congress.
VP citing Rod Rosenstein letter for reason Comey was fired on live TV next to the foyer of Congress.

President to Liberty University: take the lone, different path (and look at all the trouble it has gotten Trump into). Also do what you love. (Most students going for well paying areas. They didn’t start with a 100 million dollars.)

Drop FBI Director and international cyberattacks not directly met. No needed response from the President.

Who else is Trump silencing by blackmailing with his tapes?

Comey must know everything about Trump. Trump’s connections to all donors, appointees, foreign governments, and taxes. So Trump had to try shutting him up by threats of the tapes. Trump said he had tapes, plural. But Comey must have known about Trump’s taping in the first place.

Trump addressed police association, but his policies do not support the police. First, he signed law okaying gun sales to mentally incompetent people. Trump will do nothing about the registration loopholes. By Trump’s challenging sanctuary cities, people stop reporting crimes. By opposing Black Lives Matter, Trump creates anger in minority communities that then causes violence to police. Trump’s opposing judges and the rule of law, causes disrespect for the law and law enforcement.

Trump has tapes, but Comey has memos. Who will win?

So the leaks turned out to be about computers that were bombs. For weeks, every news channel and newspaper were talking about preventing computers in the passenger compartment, and now maybe aboard the airplane at all. You don’t think the Russians didn’t find this out from American television? It was only coded top secret until we found out everybody knew it anyway. How many decades have they been making us turn on our computers to make sure they were real computers? If Trump thought that was top secret, maybe our intelligence agencies have already stopped risking secrets with Trump.

For business travelers giving a talk, all you need is your flash drive, and you use a computer at the company you are going to. Or, you pick your talk off of a website, or a cloud.. Cell phones carry movies, etc.

Sh Boom, Sh Boom, (Trump’s flubs), Yadada dadada, dadada dadada (news media endless coverage), Oh life could be a dream… (Trump’s desire for approval).

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