Who Made Trump the World’s Realtor in Chief?

Who Made Trump the World’s Realtor in Chief?

Since “America First” Trump has left on his first official State trip, we will discuss the meeting of his global Ego with the rest of the World. In Trump’s claims of greatness, he has almost always made his claims of superiority not just for the United States, but for the entire world. His Ego now covers all of history also, not just American history. So we will see how he also re-invisions history.

While today’s Trump headline seems distracting from this story, it concerns the relations and possible collusion with Russia. In the White House meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, “nut job” Trump said that he had fired “nut job” FBI Director Comey. He also seemed to say that the pressure was no longer not only not on Trump, but not on Russia as well. I had thought that is was very coincidental that Trump fired Comey a day before meeting with the Russians. It was almost like it was a precondition, at least in Trump’s mind. Trump said that he felt great pressure because of Russia. That can be taken taken as Russia was putting pressure on Trump.

Yesterday’s sub-headline was that his close colleagues were trying to open a backdoor to Kislyak or Putin, since Trump did not trust the US intelligence agency. The main headline was that the media and press were on the greatest witch hunt in the whole world over all of time.



Back to the “Realtor in Chief”, starting with Russia. During the Campaign, Trump gave away Crimea to Russia. He then also gave away Eastern Ukraine to Russia.  Putin is following Hitler in taking territory where the population speaks the aggressors’ language, in this case Russian. Crimea was 60% Russian and 40% native Tatars. There was not a fair or supervised vote as to whether the people in Crimea actually wanted to be taken by Russia. Trump’s assumption that Crimea belonged to Russia didn’t go far enough back in history. Crimea was given to Catherine the Great by the Ottoman Empire in 1783. The Tatars were forced to leave Crimea twice in their recent history.

Then the. “Realtor in Chief” was told in a short call with China that the Korean Peninsula belonged to China. Why Trump did not get briefed about Korean history by State or the National Security Administration at this late date is no longer a mystery. Trump does not trust our State Department or Security agencies. South Korea complained about that assault on their history and independence.

Trump hinted that NATO might not back Estonia, if they did not contribute their required 2% of their budget to NATO armaments. Actually they do. It is only the north-east of Estonia that is Russian speaking, with 24% of the total population, and a Russian population of 320,000.


Realtor in Chief Trump has jumped into the last touchy point of a two state solution for Israel and Palestine of the status of Jerusalem. Trump wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

We also just learned that son-in-law Jared Kushner is also the White Houses’ arms dealer, helping to arrange a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Trump will be giving a speech in Saudi Arabia about terrorism. Saudi Arabia was home to 15 of the 19 of the 9/11 hijackers, but was not put on the extreme vetting list of Arab countries by Trump.

Like most of the Trump Presidency, every day is a revelation of surprise policies, often ill advised ones. Expect more international surprises meeting with three religious states, and NATO and G7. Let’s see how many parts of the world that Trump gives away or claims during his trip.

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