Trump as Labelist in Chief, and his Response to Terrorists

Trump as Labelist in Chief, and his Response to Terrorists  

Trump is convinced that giving people derogatory “labels” or “nicknames” will permanently embarrass them and defeat them.  Well, it got rid of his 17 opponents in the Republican primaries.  It then played a role in defeating “crooked Hilary”, and calling all others, ”losers”.  Since now Trump is being investigated for the campaign, for a coverup, for leaks, for interfering in investigations, and for ethics, he knows what effect the phrase “lock him or her up” can have.  This strategy worked in getting Trump elected, and in intimidating Congressmen in threatening to campaign against them in the next election.

Trump and Terrorist Labels

After a considered response of condolences to the aggrieved in the Manchester bombing, Trump had to “defeat” the terrorists by giving them the name “evil losers”, to shame them as well as condemn them.

Throughout the campaign, and up to the present, Trump had derided President Obama and Secretary Clinton for not solving the terrorist crises by simply repeating the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” over and over again.  Nobody wants the name of their lifelong and peaceful religion sandwiched between the words  “radical” and “terrorism”. 

While the art of Labelism is very useful for five-year-olds on the playground to shame rivals, and apparently in Presidential elections, it is not going to dissuade or shame die-hard terrorists.

Real responses would have been to offer all intelligence aid to Great Britain, and increase precautions at US events, especially with Ramadan coming on Friday and being a terrorist day of response, and calling a cabinet meeting for ideas.  The last thing that was needed was for the administration to leak the name of the terrorist before the British police wanted it being released, and possibly causing people to flee.

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