UC Irvine and UC Campuses at the Top of Economic Diversity

UC Irvine and UC Campuses at the Top of Economic Diversity by New York Times

UC Irvine is at the top of the NY Times Economic Diversity Ranking. Our College Access Index is 1.90. The keys to this are the large 39% of the freshman class which have Pell Grants, and the low yearly price of $12,000. The large size of our freshman class at 5,000, and therefore the actual number of Pell students, is not considered in the ranking.

Next ranked are four UC campuses, three of which have an Index around 1.60. They are UC Santa Barbara with 31% Pell Grants; UC Davis with 30% Pell Grants; and UC San Diego with 29% Pell Grants. Next down is UCLA with 26% Pell Grants, and an Index of 1.52. Then there is UC Berkeley, ranked 9th with 22% Pell Grants and an Index of 1.38.
The UC campuses are all quoted for net price, middle income cost of $11k to $13k. This includes our tuition waver for any freshman who’s family income is less than $80,000.


The net price includes tuition, fees, room and board, and federal, state, and institutional financial aid, for a student with household income between $48,000 to $75,000.

What is really nice is that the top listed private universities have middle income costs of $4k to $11k, despite their $40,000 range tuitions.

Stanford University has 14% Pell Grants, and an Index of 1.31. It’s middle income price is $4k, and a large freshman class of 1,700.

USC has 17% Pell Grants, an Index of 0.94 and a freshman class of 2,900. It’s middle income price is $19k.

The Pell Grant average is over classes from 2012 to 2015, and weighted to later years.

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