International College Students in the US

A major increase in American education is the influx of college and high school students from other countries. They help our financing of colleges since they pay tuition at private colleges or a high out-of-state tuition at public universities. They also enter private high schools, and help fund them. It helps the high school students become accustomed to American ways, improve their English, and improving their college applications. They give our own students and other international students the many experiences and culture of a vastly diverse world. In the UC system, we still take the same percentages of students from state high schools as always. The extra students from out-of-state allow us to support our own state’s students better, and grow as a university.

We present enrollment data for international college students and students for the 2016/17 year from the 2017 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange by the Institute of international Education

There are 20 million college students in the US. 5.3% of them are international students, at 1,078,822. This is an increase of 3.4% from last year.

The academic levels break down as 439,019 undergraduates, 391,124 graduate students, 72,984 non-degree, and 175,695 optional practical training. Of the graduate students, 124,705 are doctoral students, and are doing valuable research for the US and the world.

The leading 10 countries of origin of the international students are:

China:                350,755. 32.5%
India:                  186,267. 17.3%
South Korea:       58,663. 5.4%
Saudi Arabia:       52,611. 4.9%
Canada:                27,065. 2.5%
Vietnam:              22,438. 2.1%
Taiwan:                21,516. 2.0%
Japan:                  19,060. 1.7%
Mexico:                16,835. 1.6%
Brazil:                   13,089. 1.2%

The breakdown of student majors taken by international students follow:

Engineering.                                           230,711
Business and Management:                200,312
Math and Computer Science:              167,180
Other Fields:                                             87,577
Social Sciences:                                        83,046
Physical and Life Sciences:                    76,838
Fine and Applied Arts:                            61,506
Health Professions:                                  34,395
Intensive English:                                     30,309
Communications and Journalism:        21,913
Education:                                                   17,993
Humanities:                                                17,561
Legal Studies:                                             15,306
Agriculture:                                                 12,602

Iie presents a list of the top 25 US universities in foreign student enrollment. Starting with the leading private university, NYU, we just list the California Universities in the list, and their foreign student enrollment.

1 NYU        17,326
2 USC.       14,327
7 UCLA.    12,199
11 UCSD     9,065
15 UCB.      8,000
25. UCI       6,792


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