Trump’s and America’s Health

Trump’s and America’s Health

Yesterday we got Trump’s health report. Trump is our President and Commander in Chief. He sets his proposed budget including health, and appoints heads of departments for covering the health of the people of America. While his physical health is important, his mental health is much much more important. The military report on his health could well be skewed to reflect a strong Commander in Chief to boost the apparent strength of our most expensive and deadly military. Trump also sets the worst example in eating and exercise for the country to look at as an example, but has also destroyed our own health care as much as he can. I will explore these related topics in this short report. Again, not a doctor.

Trump asked for and was given a childish mental health test that could only indicate if a person had extreme Alzheimers or a severe concussion. But we have known for years about Trumps mental problems or oddities. It is his mental behavior that is always discussed relative to the 25th Amendment and the difficulty of removing him due to mental problems, since it would require a 2/3 vote of both the House and the Senate. What required this blog article was the doctor’s statement that his genes were so great that he could live 200 years. He neglected the genetics or behavioral training that made Trump an egomaniac, a flip-flopper, a paranoid in trusting, thin-skinned and a compulsive retaliator, a grade-school name caller, a dreamer of and believer in his own alternate reality, a believer that he knows more and better than anyone, an assaulter of women, a denier of facts and science, a compulsive liar, a racist, a bigot, and someone who was given sole command of the nuclear button that could totally destroy the entire world civilization and, eventually, most of the people on the earth, through nuclear winter, radiation, and the destruction of support for our complex society.

Any ordinary mental test would have shown abnormalities. But his record, as understood by most people on the earth, know most of his mental problems. No other tests are really necessary. No advanced psychology or psychiatric degrees are necessary to identify someone so ill.

While I’m sure that Dr. Ronny Jackson is an excellent Doctor, he is also a decorated Rear Admiral, and chosen to be the Presidential Doctor. Since our cave man days, the strongest has always been chosen as our leaders in matters of conflict. There are even cases where battles were settled by just the battle of champions. History is full of Kings leading their warriors. The US military, funded as much as the next six militaries, and with the most advanced weapons system, and with the best trained soldiers, and with a vast nuclear arsenal equal to Russia’s, is still only conceived of to be as strong as the strength of its Commander of Chief. That is a lot of pressure on a hand chosen Rear Admiral to rate the President’s health as very strong, even to exaggerate that he could live to age 200. Not quite as strong as Kim Jong Il and his father being gods, or Kings having divine rights to rule, or Pharaohs as gods, but as close as could be exaggerated. Then there was the short initial White House exaggeration, fakely signed by Dr. Jackson with his name misspelled.

Again, not a doctor, but I grew up with the type A, pushy, versus type B, chilled, personality and heart risk types model. Considering Trump’s many described rages, and his constant scowls, he is the outstanding AAA type, probably the most of any President, or of any leader anywhere and for all time, as Trump always inflates himself (another sign of mental illness). I haven’t seen his blood pressure results, but that would be taken at rest, rather than in the hours of his raging or his angry tweets. This magnifies any incipient heart problems. His blood pressure was not mentioned, nor that he was on any calming or blood pressure medication. He is on the standard statin and mini-aspirin heart treatments.

While I was initially supportive of his golfing, he doesn’t walk but drives his golf cart, even onto his greens. He also takes Mulligans to minimize his effort from bad drives. He golfs with work related Congressmen or billionaires, which also keeps his stress level up. He has spent one-third of his days on vacation at his properties, at a very high cost. His stress, and that of the Congress and the country would be a lot less with any attention he would pay to details. Trump has also what used to be called a “hurry up driver”, which he forces on the Congress and the country to negotiate and pass bills in days or weeks. This produces poor legislation, usually does not include Democrats, and leaves out hearings, public posting, and any public input.

It only slightly matters if Trump’s diet is exemplary for the country, compared to Trump’s heartless healthcare bills that would have priced out up to 32 million American’s health care, and his passed tax bill that will price out 13 million. He also tried to remove Obamacare requirements that nobody be excluded for prior conditions, or for various conditions, and tries to block enrollments in Obamacare. The tax bill killed the tax on those who did not enroll in a health plan. Trump also proposed cuts to the NIH, the CDC, the EPA, installed Scott Pruitt to destroy the EPA, and let the CHIP program to fund children’s health care lapse. He has been maximally destructive to US healthcare. Trumps Health rating as far as Americans are concerned is definitely FFF, again, the worst of any President, or any leader on earth, for all time. Why has he done this? Only to give further tax cuts to the very rich.


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