Trump’s Testosterone Trip

Trump’s Testosterone Trip

Why should Trump, Fox News, and Trump’s new lawyer get all the fun in proposing conspiracy theories. Invoking the Quid Pro Quo amendment, we all can propose conspiracy theories. Mine is that in the past few days, Trump has gone on a Testosterone trip.

Trump’s hair growth medicine works by lowering testosterone. It seems that he has lost the bottle, or thinks that he can get along without it. This surge in testosterone released vibes that could be detected by other alpha males competing for leader of the pack. That is why Joe Biden challenged him a fight, over Trump’s behavior to gain the attention of females. This is why Trump responded back with a similar alpha male grunt and snort, although it came across as only a tweet.

Trump also replaced a triumvirate of reasonable White House advisors, with maximally aggressive ones. His top Russia lawyer, John Dowd, who wanted to win by cooperation, was replaced by Fox News conspiracy lawyer Joe diGenova. DiGenova pushes the theory that the Mueller investigation is a Democratic Conspiracy or witch hunt. While Dowd, like any good lawyer, would not put his client on the stand, Trump is snorting that he will meet Mueller horns to horns on the stand. This would certainly convince Trump’s followers that he is innocent, regardless of the evidence Trump is questioned with.

Throughout Republican administrations, I have lived in fear of super-hawk John Bolton. Now, Trump has elevated John, a Fox News commentator, to the most dangerous White House post of National Security Advisor. Bolton wants to bomb Iran instead of relying on the nuclear non-proliferation contract. He also wants regime change to solve the North Korea nuclear problem, with its takeover by South Korea. The reasonable and independent General McMaster was replaced by this alpha hawk.

We can add in the sudden attack on and mention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The conspiratorial theory is going to be the justification for the dismissal of Mueller if this testosterone surge continues.

It could be that all of the weeks of the press and legal discussions about Trump’s affairs, which I won’t discuss on my blog, have stimulated his memories and provided more testosterone.  While Trump could have remained innocent of knowing of the non-disclosure agreement, his new testosterone approach is to sue for $20 million for violation of the agreement, which only has status if he was involved in the agreement.

So there is nothing complicated about this theory, or even a conspiracy. It is just the standard testosterone and competitive challenges among all alpha males, which is a basis of evolution.  It is something that Trump has been engaged in throughout his life.

It’s easy to put Trump back on a reasonable, cooperative track. Just comment that his hair looks like it is thinning. He will rush back to taking his pills, while telling you to clean out your office.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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