The Republican Diet

The Republican Diet

We were discussing the South Beach diet, when I recalled that Ronald Reagan once called Ketchup a vegetable. Unfortunately, this was to justify cuts in the school lunch program. Then we recalled that George H. W. Bush did not like broccoli, though it is judged to be the most nutritious vegetable. He had a junk food diet. South Beach is a long hour and a quarter North of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, and so is the South Beach Diet distant from Trump’s diet.

We know much about Trump’s diet. He likes two cheeseburgers, and the best chocolate cake in the world. He also likes two scoops of ice cream, with everyone else only getting one. He also likes KFC, Mexican food, and Pizza. This must make him relatable to his core. He doesn’t drink though. When dining with the elite, like Mitt Romney, he forces them to eat frogs legs, as he typecasts them as effete elites and Francophiles.

The importance of the Republican diet is that Republicans do not want to let people on food stamps choose their own diet, even though there are already restrictions on alcohol and tobacco. The Republicans want to distribute food in pre-set box meals. So the Republican diet is very necessary to ascertain. Either Donald will pick his carb loaded diet, or Democrats can make fun of the comparison with a well chosen nutritious diet. Republican farmers and food industry Reps will be competing with each other to make sure that their products are given prime consideration. Republicans may favor red state products, and Republican supporting food producers.

We know that Trump prefers to dine where supporters have paid $35,000 a plate. Instead of dining at his landmark tower restaurants in public, he prefers private dining and eating rapidly with fast food. Dining in public at Mar-a-Lago, he entertains guests with 69 cruise missile fireworks, but fortunately, in Syria, and at military targets. He also likes to discuss secret military strategies in public to enliven dessert at Mar-a-Lago. Perhaps the food stamp box lunches will come not only with praise for Trump, but also fortune cookies with random state secrets included inside. As if we have any secrets, which haven’t already been tweeted out.

Republicans will also follow Dr. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, whose philosophy on public housing is never to make them comfortable enough, so that occupants will be motivated to move out and on, and will get jobs to do so. Carson’s meal boxes will never be filling, and will lack some essential vitamins, which people will need to secure by getting jobs to buy their own food. This from the guy who needed an elegant $31,000 dining room set in his office, to eat his own food.

Governor Kasich of Ohio, was a spectacular candidate for woofing down massive servings of whatever distinctive local or ethnic food that he was presented. I don’t know if this won him many votes, but it did lead to a lot of ridicule. I hope he has lost whatever excess weight his ambitions put on him. Then there was ridiculing from daily show host Jon Stewart over whether candidates ate pizza by the slice, or used knives and forks.

It’s amazing how much that food is associated with Republican images, when you gather the facts. Clearly Trump needs to play more golf, but without his golf carts. That will benefit everybody, as it will replace some executive Twitter time. In contrast, Barack and Michele Obama managed to stay healthy on healthy diets during their eight years.
Republicans are gouging themselves and the country with massive increased debt through tax cuts and increased spending, in order to get reelected. This is similar to the diets that they are consuming.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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