June 16 Update for the CA 48th Congressional District

June 16 Update for the CA 48th Congressional District

I can make this real short by cutting to the chase, literally. This will please supporters of Democrat Harley Rouda: Rouda only trails Democrat Hans Keirstead by 114 votes today, whereas yesterday he trailed by 335 votes. This is a relative jump by 221 votes for Rouda, and it brings him much closer to be able to get a lead as the random walk continues, for the second spot on the Top Two General Election ballot.

And now for a lot of boring details, which nobody needs to read.

Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher has 51,380 votes for 30.4%, a gain of 1,726 over yesterday.

Democrat Hans Keirstead has 29,292 votes for 17.3%, a gain of 919.

Democrat Harley Rouda has 29,178 votes for 17.2%, a larger gain of 1,140 votes than Keirstead.

Republican Scott Baugh has 26,840 votes for 15.9%, a gain of 829 votes.

The total vote count for CA 48 is up to 169,150, a gain of 3,655.

Orange County ballots left to count declined from 43,425 by 4,742 to 38,683, almost all of which are provisionals.

Happy Father’s Day to All

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