Is Trump’s Mania Approaching a Boiling Point?

Is Trump’s Mania Approaching a Boiling Point?

Mathematically, it could be called a singularity. Physics would call it a critical point or a phase change. As such a point is approached, things take place faster and faster, and the scale of the phase change goes from local small bubbles to larger bubbles to the entire substance.  In Trump’s case, it could also be called a meltdown.

This past week has been a phase change in foreign relations. Trump started out criticizing everybody in the G7, to totally trusting and praising the cruel dictator of North Korea. This continued with Trump’s legal lies blaming the separating of asylum seeking families on Democrats, and then trying to justify it with the Bible and that they make good negotiating hostages. Then Trump plans a direct meeting with Putin, and we can only guess what Trump will give away then. Maybe garlands to celebrate Russia’s interference with our election, and slathering praise of Putin.

The trend is that these absurdities are occurring more frequently, and with increasing magnitude. You can see the critical point coming, and nothing good will happen at that point. This is just the criteria that the 25th amendment was meant for. When the President’s destructive actions just explode all of our century long gains in security cooperation, economic cooperation and prosperity. The 25th allows the Vice President to declare the President temporarily unfit to serve.

The sidelining of the President will be relatively easy. Since Trump never reads the declarations which he signs, just put his taking a leave form into a declaration and watch him sign it with a smile.

We are all aware that Vice President Mike Pence is playing it cool, laying low, and expecting to advance to becoming the Republican Presidential candidate in another six years, in 2024. Certainly, no Republican can cross Trump and not be destroyed by Trump’s rabid supporters. However, that’s assuming business-as-usual. Trump is anything but that. And as Trump’s destructiveness approaches a critical point, either the Vice President or Congress must act to save what is left of the country and our economy and businesses and jobs.

Of Course, Rudy Giuliani will tell The Donald that the 25th amendment doesn’t apply to him, as he has told him about the rest of the Constitution. But, if the Republican Congress is looking into the Abyss of a Defeat, and Pence sees his dream going up in smoke, they may have to act, using the 25th.

It is clear that if any of the previous Presidents had done what Trump has in the past week, they would have already been declared as mental cases. We have just grown used to Trump’s and Fox New’s distorted world, which has numbed us to the incredible shock and craziness of the past week.

If people are hoping that that was just an oddball week, and things will return to a relative calm, they are probably mistaken. The fact that Trump got away with such radical behaviors just leaves him to believe that even crazier actions cannot be stopped. Trump’s own advisors, cabinet heads, executive departments, and even affected closest allies are not consulted or informed of anything that goes on. As Trump usually megalomanizes “I am the only one who matters”.

Trump has promised us a one-on-one with Putin. What kind of a Farm of unasked for concessions will Trump be throwing at his favorite world dictator? Unfortunately, we won’t know until they are fait accompli. This has to stop before that! And before we are at total trade wars with all except Russia and North Korea.  Stay tuned.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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