June 21, Summer Solstice, report on the CA 48th Congressional District Primary

June 21, Summer Solstice, report on the CA 48th Congressional District Primary

To cut to the chase, since it literally is, Democrat Harley Rouda now leads Democrat Hans Keirstead by 97 votes, up from 62 last night.

For Orange County, there are now only 10,688 votes to count, of which 9,399 are provisionals. An article in the LagunaBeachIndy had The Registrar saying that as of June 15, there were only 12,000 votes to count in the 48th district. As of then, Scott Baugh had already conceded defeat.

According to the Laguna Beach Indy, both Democratic leaders had volunteers monitoring review of the provisionals, and challenging 30 to 40 a day. These are then reviewed by the Registrar.

Yesterday, the Democrats held a unity rally in Laguna Beach. That is a very positive sign.

Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher now has 52,674 votes, or 30.3%, which was up 78 today, and 76 yesterday.

Democrat Harley Rouda has 30,016 or 17.3%, up 92, the big gainer today, and up 51 yesterday.

Democrat Hans Keirstead has 29,919 or 17.2%, up 57 today and 58 yesterday. So Rouda gained 35 over Keirstead today, boosting his lead from 62 to 97 votes.

Republican Scott Baugh has 27,483, a gain of 30, with yesterday’s gain being 41.

The total Republican vote is now 92,199, up 131 today, and 148 yesterday.

The total Democratic vote is now 79,892, up 177 today, and 159 yesterday.

The total 48th vote is now 173,743, up 310 today, and 311 yesterday.

The ballot total is now at 42.3% of the registered voters.  There are a lot of potential voters to contact and inform to add to this total for the General Election.

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