June 23, The Count is Over in CA 48th. Rouda Ahead by 126 for Democrats

June 23, The Count is Over in CA 48th. Rouda Ahead by 126 for Democrats.

Update:  According to the LA Times, Keirstead conceded and congratulated Rouda, and pledged to “work in unison…to make sure Democrats and science prevail in November.”  The official certification is expected for Monday.

There are no more votes to count in the CA #48 Congressional District. Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher won first place. But the Democratic Race to also appear on the Top Two General Election ballot has been won by Harley Rouda, by 126 votes over Hans Keirstead.  Only 50 extra votes were counted in the CA #48 on Saturday, today. Following are the details.

Republican Dana Rohrabacher has 52,734 votes for 30.3%, up 12 votes from yesterday.

Democrat Harley Rouda has 30,099 votes for 17.3%, up 10 votes from yesterday.

Democrat Hans Keirstead has 29,973 votes for 17.2%, up 9 votes from yesterday.

Republican Scott Baugh has 27,513 votes for 15.8%, up 9 votes from yesterday.

That’s 40 of the extra 50 votes counted.

Democrat Omar Siddiqui is fifth with 8,657 votes for 5.00%.

Republican John Gabbard is sixth with 5,664 votes for 3.3%.

The last of the 16 candidates got 690 votes for 0.4%. He got 5.5 times the vote difference between the top two Democratic candidates.

The difference between Rouda and Keirstead is 0.42% of Rouda’s vote, or one vote in 239 of Rouda’s.

Oddly, if you coin tossed 60,000 times between heads and tails, the standard deviation would be 123. (Still to be checked by an expert.)

The Republican total vote in the 48th is 92,305, or 53.0%, up 23 from yesterday.

The Democratic total vote in the 48th is 80,058, or 46.0%, up 27 from yesterday.

The total vote in the 48th is 174,017, up 50 from yesterday.

For both Democrats and Republicans, this is the end of the start, and the start to an end. Unity will be a big factor.

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