The US Is Now the Rogue Dictatorship of the World

The US Is Now the Rogue Dictatorship of the World

It is now quite obvious that our history of conventional Presidents has led us to give them too much individual power in important realms. Even with restrictions or Constitutional limitations, Trump has usually ignored them. Eventually, the legal system will catch up on this. Except for the extremely partisan and often unqualified and unapproved judges that Republicans want to pack Federal Courts with, in case they lose the majority in the Senate.

Update:  Of course there is an update, as Trump keeps expanding his powers.  The Supreme Court has decided that the President has the power to decide on travel bans to any country.  He did this to five Muslim countries, plus North Korea and Venezuela.  This is despite Trump having called this a Muslim travel ban, from day one of his campaign.  Who is next?  Our new National Security enemies Canada, Mexico and the EU?

Update:  Did Trump buy Harley-Davidson?  If not, how can he tell them where they can manufacture their hogs.  He has threatened (by himself?) to raise taxes on Harley’s.  I thought Congress controlled taxes.  Hundreds of companies will try to avoid business losses because of retaliatory tariffs to Trump’s tariffs.  I thought Republicans backed the free enterprise system and free trade.  Why are Republican voters still loyal to their obiescent party?

Trump seems to have total command of our foreign affairs. Putin only assaulted one country recently, Ukraine. Trump has single handedly made us the only country to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, signed on to by all countries. This is an assault on the climate future that affects every country of the world. We are the number two greenhouse gas producing country, and our participation is crucial.

Trump has assaulted the international trade of every country, except Russia. He has tried to remove sanctions on Russia, and restore them to the G8. He has insulted the EU, and put tariffs on them. He has backed movements in European countries to pull out of the EU. He is now trying to undermine Angela Merkel of Germany, and back candidates on the right.

Trump canceled out of the TPP Pacific trade agreement. He is renegotiating NAFTA, with threats to end it. He has put worldwide tariffs on steel and aluminum under the fake claim of national security. These have been responded to with equal tariffs on the US on products from states that were crucial to Trump’s election.

Trump has singlehandedly ignored South Korea and Japan and given North Korea everything that it wanted. No consultation with State, Defense, or Congress was involved in this one-day un-negotiated give-away. It sounds that he won’t re-look at this for six months.

Besides all of these granted powers, Congress and the Department of Justice has not blocked his ignoring the Constitution, laws, and Advise and Consent of the Senate. He has also cowed the House and Senate by leaning into each local election if anyone crosses him, or signals a willingness to check his powers.

Trump is now continuing to insult Canada and Trudeau, Mexico, Central and South America, and their people. He has also insulted Africans, and their countries.

The only solution in sight is the very difficult process of Democrats taking over the Senate and House. Independents, and the 10% of Republicans not frozen into their party identity, have to vote for Democratic candidates, not just sit out the midterms. Even if you like your local or state Republicans, they won’t stop the chaos or economic assaults. You have to vote Democratic.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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