Party Balances in Orange County Primary Races

Party Balances in Orange County Primary Races

We add up the votes for Republican and Democratic candidates in key state and Congressional races in Orange County, CA.

Because there are so many, we just add up the percentages, and have a cutoff to include only the percentages for candidates with 0.5% or greater.

In Orange County, there were 635,224 voters in the primary, which is 42.9% of the 1,481,881 registered voters. Of registered voters, 27.3% cast vote-by-mail ballots, and 15.3% voted at precincts. 0.3% cast early ballots.

In the Governor’s race, in Orange County, Republican John H. Cox led with 36.3%, followed by Democrat Gavin Newsom at 24.3%. These two will be on the State Top Two General Election. Amazingly, adding up all candidates, Republican candidates add up to 48.5%, and Democratic added up to 48.9%, really a dead tie. This was also the most publicized race on the ballot. Statewide, Newsom got 33.5% and Cox got 25.5%, and they will appear on the General Election ballot.

In the race for Lieutenant Governor, Republican Cole Harris led with 25.3%. But two Democrats were close runner-ups, being Ed Hernandez with 19.8%, and Eleni Kounalakis with 18.5%. In this race, Republicans got 50.2% and Democrats got 45.2%. Statewide, Eleni Kounalakis led with 24.2%, Ed Hernandez got 20.6%, for two Democrats on the Top Two ballot, and Republican Cole Harris got 17.6%.

In the Attorney General race, Democratic incumbent Xavier Becerra got 36.6% of the Orange County vote, with Republican Steven C. Bailey second with 32.1%. This race was also close party-wise with Republicans getting 51.6%, and Democrats 48.3%. Statewide, Becerra led with 45.7%, and will face Bailey with 24.6%.

In the US Senate race in Orange County, incumbent Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein led with 36.6%. Leading Republican James P. Bradley only had 10.8%. The Democrats led with 50.0%, and Republicans had 45.1%. Statewide, Democrat Dianne Feinstein led with 44.1%, over Democrat Kevin De Leon at 12.1%. Republican James P. Bradley only was third with 8.4%.

The 45th Congressional District was led by Republican incumbent Mimi Walters, with 51.7%. Democratic runner-ups are Katie Porter with 20.3% and Dave Min with 17.8%. The total of Republican votes was 51.7% since Rep. Walters was the only Republican candidate, and Democratic votes totaled 46.0%.

We have covered the 48th Congressional District daily because of the neck-and-neck race between the two non-leading Democrats. Harley Rouda finished 125 votes ahead of Hans Keirstead, and will appear on the Top Two ballot. Incumbent of 15 terms Rep. Dana Rohrabacher led with 30.3%. The total Republican vote was 53.0%, and the Democratic vote 46.0%.

I have skipped the Districts that are split between counties.

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