Trump’s Interview with the Supreme Court Nominee

Trump’s Interview with the Supreme Court Nominee

Update:  July 5, Trump is down to two or three finalists.  Trump says that he will choose the person that he’s is most comfortable with in conversing in a living room.  Honestly, I wrote the part about the tunnel to the Supreme Court so that Trump could discuss the cases with them every night just as a joke!  I did not imagine that that was what Trump really wanted to do.  For the public, it is like an old joke:  do we really want a supposedly independent and knowledgeable justice who just exchanges pleasantries with Trump instead of challenging him with the many ways that he is breaking the law, violating ethics,  insulting judges, and denigrating the FBI, the DOJ, and our intelligence agencies?

Here is the Trump interview:

So, you are one of the finalists on my list for Supreme Court Nominee.

I have a list of questions, based on ideas which I have floated during my life, my campaign, and my reign, er, term in office.

First of all, Rudy says that I can pardon myself. Do you agree?

Next, can I pardon my family, including the Kushner kid?

You’d don’t think $500 million loans for myself and Kush for foreign favors are large enough to trigger the emoluments clause, do you?

By the way, I bragged that I got Justice Kennedy into the White House without the press seeing it, but I didn’t reveal that I had a secret tunnel dug to the Supreme Court. Every evening, a courier will bring rulings for you and the other conservatives to copy.

I know you will overthrow Roe v. Wade, but will you also support punishment for women who have abortions?

Are you upset at athletes who take a knee during the national anthem? Because I am going to fire them, in the interests of national security.

If anyone burns a flag, I am going to send them to jail for a year and take away their citizenship.

Will you have any objections if I throw out the Fifth Amendment on Due Process, and immediately deport anybody who ICE picks up?

Rudy keeps inventing new powers for me every interview. Are you okay with that?

I have threatened to arrest reporters who don’t give up their sources, a violation of the First Amendment Freedom of the Press. Any objection?

I have called judges biased based on ethnic heritage, crooked, incompetent, and pushed those for lifetime Federal Judgeships which were opposed and rated unqualified by the American Bar Association. You aren’t going to defend them from these charge are you?

By the way, I have the most legal experience of any President.  Obama only taught law, I have had over 3200 court cases.  Often contractors that I had stiffed.  I also had six bankruptcies, where the investors took the fall, not me.

I have great tax lawyers, and I only pay the minimum, sometimes nothing.  Plus, I got rid of the estate tax, so my kids will be rich.

You’ve heard the bus tape?  It’s a fake.  But, luckily, only 15 women have charged me with assaulting them.

Also, the Trump University fraud only cost me $23 million.

And, I never met my lawyer Michael Cohen, or my Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, or my National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn.

I was mentored by Roy Cohn, the HUAC lawyer and chief counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy.  He also prosecuted the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg espionage trial.  He said to always threaten to sue.

You aren’t concerned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opposed Garland, because it was nine months to an election, but you are going to be approved with less than four months to an election?

You aren’t concerned that I am appointing federal judges which have been blue carded by Senators from their states, normally a veto?

You don’t have to worry about #MeToo charges, McConnell has ruled out any personal questions.  (A first in the MeToo movement was in 1991 when Anita Hill discussed sexual harassment from Justice candidate Clarence Thomas.  That was 27 years ago.)

You will get in by a majority vote, and not have to get a supermajority of 60 Senators.

You have often heard of my dream of killing people on Fifth Avenue, in front of my Trump Tower. You wouldn’t let them convict me for that, would you?

Would you find a reason to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions? I will then fire Rod Rosenstein, and Special Counsel Mueller, to end the Unfair investigation of me: No Collusion.

I want to take away the broadcast rights of all Fake News channels. Are you going to back me on this?

Are you going to “Lock Her Up” even without any charges or Due Process protections, and despite nine or so Congressional Investigations, and twice being cleared by the FBI?

The Kennedy Court just okayed my racial and religious discrimination powers on immigration. They also allowed voting discrimination, and killed mandatory union dues for bargaining. Will you uphold those too?

Do you agree that it is okay for me to order the Press or demonstrators to be beaten up at my rallies?

Obama was really from Kenya, right?

The Central Park Five were really guilty, right?

Well, based on all of your enthusiastic YES answers, you are either the weirdest or the most dishonest person that I have ever met. You are also the worst lawyer that I have ever talked to.

You are my choice and have my full backing!

By the way, we never discussed any of these Litmus Tests, right?

Just sign the standard Non-Disclosure agreement on your way out.

Also, just ignore tomorrow’s story that I am raging mad and regretting nominating you. I did that with Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions also, and they are still around.

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