The Absurdity of Trump’s Trusting Enemy Dictators

The Absurdity of Trump’s Trusting Enemy Dictators

Even that sentence is an absurdity, but true. Is there anything that Trump won’t give away to dictators? Is there anything that Trump won’t believe from a dictator, even in the face of overwhelming agreement of the opposite by our Congress and intelligence agencies? How long will Congress put up with this and not impeach?  How long will our VP not use the 25th Amendment? The answer is Forever, to both questions.

Despite new evidence that North Korea is still making more fuel for nuclear weapons, Trump is still pretending that Kim Jong Un is still following his pledge to begin denuclearizing. Trump’s main foreign policy advisor, John Bolton, is still pretending that his one year plan to complete denuclearization is relevant.

Trump initially said we would look at the situation in 6 months to see how Kim is coming along. Trump’s meeting with Kim was on Monday June 11. It is only three weeks from that that the intelligence agencies have evidence that Kim is expanding production. Let’s see, six months is half a year or 26 weeks, so it only took 12% of that time for Trump to have been proven a sucker. Of course, we all know that Trump could never admit that, even if his ego could accept the facts, which it might not be capable of.

Now we are facing a Trump meeting with Putin on July 16 in Helsinki. Again, Trump will start alone in a one-on-one. Trump has already given up his leverages. He has said he wants to give Crimea to Putin, even though neither Trump nor the United States owns Crimea, or ever did. Starting before the Republican convention, Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, was an unregistered agent for Russia, and managed to get Russian sanctions removed from the Republican Platform.

Trump has asked Putin several times if he tampered with the elections, which of course, Putin denied. Trump has never agreed with the ubiquitous indictment of Russian interference in his election, by the entire intelligence community. Putin also interfered with European elections. Putin hacked and published emails, and influenced social media with false ads and sites. Russians are already interfering with the midterm, yet Trump has done nothing about.

Trump went to the G7 meeting, but before said that they should all give up sanctions on Russia over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. He also wanted them to reinstate Russia to remake the G8. Trump refused to sign the joint resolution, which included progress on climate change. Trump doesn’t realize that invasions of European countries means a lot more to European leaders than to him, after two deadly World Wars reversing German invasions, and the long and painful occupation of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union.

Trump has already indicated that he has no desire to get involved in Syria

Trump is disrupting NATO, and will continue to do so.

There are also technical nuclear issues about the expiring ban on 500 mile range nuclear cruise missiles, which could be reinstated, but with serious inspection issues.

There is also the trillion dollar cost of upgrading our nuclear arsenal, and if testing will have to be done. Putin faces these same costs.

These highly technical issues are the kind that Trump would leave to experts to settle, long after he gets his photo op and manly handshake. Trump could also claim that he has now ended the threat of Nuclear War with Russia, which we did not know even existed.

With Trump being investigated by Special Counsel Mueller for collusion with Russia over the Presidential election, it is absolutely incredible that Trump would insist on an individual one-on-one meeting with no recording or notes being taken. Remember when Bill Clinton went on board the Attorney General’s plane for a short greeting, while Hillary was being investigated for her email server? Fox News and the right wing turned that into the Conspiracy of the Century.

Even Trump’s meeting alone with Putin is considered by our allies as giving Putin too much status while under sanctions.

If Putin gives Trump a single compliment, the only thing that Americans will hear about the content of the meetings will be that Trump is “Amazing”, and Putin is now a “Close Friend”, and a “Brilliant Man”. And, by the way, Trump is returning California and Alaska to Russia.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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