Thailand Loves Each Child, Trump Apparently Hates All the Poor Ones

Thailand Loves Each Child, Trump Apparently Hates All the Poor Ones

We are all amazed what effort Thailand and Great Britain went to to rescue the 12 kids and their soccer coach, first lost, and then trapped by water filled cave passages.

Trump, on the other hand, has had two weeks to match and return just 100 kids under 5, abruptly taken from their parents and shipped around the US, without parental matching.

The kids in the US did have to be found, but not after disappearing 2.5 miles into a narrow underground tunnel. They could easily be flown around the country. Their identity could be connected by DNA testing, if started right away. I imagine their parents could be short on documents, but that’s what happens when you are a refugee seeking asylum. Trump has only been able to reunite 38 kids by the two week deadline of a court order. This may be confused reporting, since 19 of the parents couldn’t be found in our country, despite the capability of ankle bracelets. Parents of 19 kids were deported, and apparently not given a path to stay in touch with their children.

Trump says they should have come in the front door. Those that did had to wait for days on an open bridge, and a third were told to go home. Normally, you have to wait a decade for general admission. The other path to legal admission is to tell the kids to go home and earn a Masters or Ph.D. In computer programming, and then get a US company to hire you. Trump has to know this, since he has changed the immigration admissions to high skills only. And no extended family admissions, like parents, grandparents, sisters, or brothers.

We have written several articles about Trump’s attempted denial of food to poor kids in every program he has. His cuts would affect millions of kids for years. Meanwhile, the Thai Navy Seals brought food into the cave to feed and strengthen the kids. Then they trained them in SCUBA gear, and swimming.

After the kids were rescued, they were flown by helicopter to hospitals where they are being tested, kept from germs, and held for recovery.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to take away health insurance to those with pre-existing conditions. He is taking away medical care from poor mothers who may have medical conditions, or who may be having fetuses with disabling conditions, and denying them abortion counseling. He has just nominated a Supreme Court Justice guaranteed to end abortion services under all conditions, and to dismantle the ACA Obamacare health care.

Trump and his totally defensive, dissembling, and lying Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, have another two weeks to return the rest of 3,000 kids. Azar still implies that they aren’t real parents, and are criminals. Yes, they committed a misdemeanor coming into the country illegally. If the parents are criminals in their own country, then it is up to that country to deal with them, when they are legally deported after due process. There are, after all, political or minor criminals, versus real criminals.

In general, immigrants and refugees have been shown to be more law abiding than Americans.

The contrasting analogy goes far deeper than so far shown. The boy who spoke English and acted as a translator, was a refugee from the criminal drug world of Myanmar. Three of the boys and the coach are in fact stateless minorities in the drug region of the Golden Triangle. They regularly cross the border from Myanmar to Thailand to play soccer. Trump would have captured them and taken them from their parents a long time ago.

Trump and Sessions just lost a case where they wanted to bypass the Forbes ruling, which required that children not be confined for more than 20 days, even when with their parents.

Trump just pardoned more Federal criminals, so how much should we fear it when Trump just labels people he doesn’t want as criminals.

The Thai are giving the kids whatever drugs they need to overcome infections.

Azar is the drug company executive who was supposed to lower drug prices. Drug prices just were raised by Pfizer. Trump said he would act, and less than a day later has already been assured by Azar, we presume, that Pfizer had now lowered drug prices. Time and a Free Press will shortly tell whether they are both accurate.

In our last article, we showed how Trump was about to eliminate considerations for poor and minority students in applying for college admissions.

Had to get these topics off of my mind, before we have to deal this week with Trump’s disruption of NATO, and next week’s sell-out to Putin. Trump apparently warmed up for Maximal Chaos in Europe by nominating the Bill Clinton prosecutor Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He also worked on the court case of the election of Bush versus Gore. This is really revenge on the Clintons, and digging in on his defeat of the Democrats’ right to nominate a Justice under Obama last year.

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