Undermining Elections is Just “Business as Usual” for Republicans

Undermining Elections is Just “Business As Usual” for Republicans

Trump might be right, that foreign influence was less important than “others” in undermining elections, which are done routinely by Republican States, the Republican Party, the Republican Supreme Court, and by Trump himself, and are listed below.

Supreme Court:

Gorsuch-McConnell gambit

Kavanaugh-McConnell anti-gambit

Bush vs. Gore

Voting Rights Act cancellation

Citizens United

Public Union un-funding


Stealing the Facebook data of 50 some million Americans by Cambridge Analytica.

Florida convicts can’t vote, 2.5 million,

Another 2.5 million in other Southern States.


Trump campaign collusion

Trump trusts Putin

Trump Witch Hunt denunciation of Special Council

Trump Fake News denunciation of news media

Trump: Sessions was supposed to have my back

Trump:  3 to 5 milliion illegal immigrant voters took away my majority

Trump buyoff of revealing two affairs

Trump’s slanderous and fraudulent claims against other candidates

Trump hiding deregulation campaign with his Department’s news blackouts.

Russian Influence:

DNC hacking

DCCC hacking

John Podesta hacking, head of Clinton’s campaign

Democratic voter files and strategy stolen

Facebook influence campaign.


Violation of PAC independence and education front for tax deductibility

Secret PAC contributions

Unneeded voter ID registry – including national

Voter roll purges

House voting to kill new funds for preventing election hacking (happening today).

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