Was Trump Just Brain Washed by Putin?

Was Trump Just Brain Washed by Putin?

Yes, I was debating whether to just entitle the article “Trump Was Just Brain Washed by Putin”.

Day by day it is becoming clearer how much Trump was brain washed.

It is now clear that the reason that Trump wanted to meet alone with Putin was because he didn’t trust US intelligence. That is also why he didn’t read his 100 page pre-meeting intelligence briefing.

Everybody who goes abroad and has contact with a Russian gets debriefed by the FBI. Apparently, nobody can do this with the President. The news media is now realizing that the real question is not what went on in the press conference about whether Trump believes that Putin or Russia tried to undermine with our election. Rather, it is what went on in the secret meeting.

Democrats in the Senate tried to subpoena the translator, but that was blocked, as it should have been for secrecy. However, the Senate has to advise and consent on any foreign treaties, or even the violation of such treaties. Even the head of US intelligence does not know what went on. The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was even caught off-guard at the Aspen Security Conference today when the news came out that Trump had invited Putin to visit the White House later this year.

Why do I say brainwashed, besides Trump’s rejection of constraints by US intelligence? Putin is used to giving two hour news conferences, in which he lays out his views of Russian and world history, and justifying all of his actions. For somebody with little knowledge of history or government policies, or even the constitution, or of all of our history of government secrets, like Trump, he can easily lead you astray. Without US intelligence officers being present to challenge the Putin story line by line, Trump was easily overcome and dragged into his web. It is well known that Trump believes and follows the last person that he talks to on any issue.

We all know that Trump opposed sanctions on Russia even during the campaign. Now, he is being advised to say that he is tougher than other Presidents have been on sanctions. Trump had to change “would” to “wouldn’t” as there not being any reason for Russia to hack the Democratic campaign. Then he was said to be speaking about something else when saying the no, no, he doesn’t believe that Russia is still hacking the midterm election. Trump finally was made to realize that the Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold, would not allow him to turn over Putin’s enemies, even US citizens, to be questioned by Putin, and presumably be disappeared. How much longer will this continue until Trump tells us the whole story, or realize that he has been had?

As far as we know, Trump is going to repeat this again with Putin. It had been said that Putin asked for the Helsinki meeting. We aren’t told who requested the White House meeting.

The Helsinki meeting occurred on Monday. Trump has faced bipartisan criticism and straightened out his “misspeaks” all week long. Will he ever come clean about what he agreed to?

Instead of turning to the great Shakespeare for an analogy, I will take the simpler nursery rhyme:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Now, it finally makes sense.

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