Trump Has Gone Critical, and Phase Transitioned to Dictator

Trump Has Gone Critical, and Phase Transitioned to Dictator

Apparently, Putin has completed his tutoring of Trump in Dictatorship 101.

Recently, on June 17, I noted that Trump’s increasing frequency of independent and disruptive stances and behaviors was like a system approaching a critical point, or a singularity, or a phase transition. That process is now complete. What Trump has transitioned to will only come out with time, but it is already daily shocking us.

Apparently what Putin did was to reinforce Trump’s rhetoric or beliefs that the news media is “the enemy of the state”. This has been the primary step to becoming a dictator, as seen throughout the world, and for times past. Then you transition to only the State news media. By using this new phrase, and the FAKE NEWS! Motto, which all of Trump’s and Fox’s followers believe, Fox News and the White House have become the State Media. Witness the transformation of the White House into its own Fox News staffed network, as we recently wrote about.

Now, Putin is also reinforcing Trump that the Democrats and a few Republicans are blocking Trump and Putin from completing their love relationship. Then, there will be Paradise on Earth (and Putin will agglomerate valuable resource territories, like Crimea). ANY other President would abhor this as a foreign leader and a dictator interfering with US sovereignty and politics! Apparently, Trump, as usual, has no problem with Putin interfering with US sovereignty and politics!

Unfortunately, I have to add to my past article on Trump and Republicans undermining US elections, with the reveal that Judge Kavanaugh had ruled that foreigners, and therefore including foreign powers, can freely spend and influence our elections as long as they back issues, and not candidates. When Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court Justice, this will become the incredibly expansive extension of Citizens United.

While the NRA can afford to dedicate $30 million to the Trump campaign, think of what dictatorships like Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia will be able to spend with their hundreds of trillion of dollars of natural resources, to acquire a puppet US President, or many Senators. Politicians will no longer be calling local or national donors for support, but going to these wealthy dictators instead. Imagine our local Congressional districts not spending $5 million on an election, but $50 million, or $100 to influence every voter.

Since Trump has transitioned to conducting US foreign policy by himself and in secret, with the Russian ambassador and Putin already referring to deals struck, which we know nothing about, we may only be seeing the tip of the rapidly melting or phase transitioning iceberg.

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