Trump’s Homework for Dictatorship 101, Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge

Trump’s Homework for Dictatorship 101, Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge

In Trump’s course from Czar Vlad Putin, Trump has successively completed the first three lessons in becoming a dictator:

Lesson 1: Destroy the Free Press everyday, in everywhere. Everyone in the Free Press, and we, have covered this in excruciatingly disappointing detail.

Lesson 2: Set up the State Media, which he has done both by setting up a Fox News structure with Fox News executives and commentators running the White House. He has also canonized Hannity on Fox News as an official State Media.

Lesson 3: Take over foreign policy using Trump’s “I am the only one who matters” outlook. Meet alone with other world dictators, and give no accounting for what went on. Totally disgrace your new Secretary of State by making him pretend that he knows something about your meeting with Putin, while telling him nothing.

Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge. Start with getting Congress to impeach the Deputy Attorney General, and replacing him with someone who could end the Witch Hunt, or fire the head Witch hunter. Next, cut out any White House press Corp representative who asks questions that you or Sarah don’t like. Ignore the fact that this is an unconstitutional “Prior Restraint on Free Speech”, and freedom of the press. Require that all TVs on Air Force One only show State Media Fox News. Make sure that your followers see no other side of the news, especially, your wife. Remove Deep State experts from the executive branch Departments. Back the opponents of incumbent Republicans who have not sworn fealty to you.

Lesson 5: Offer some secret and free concessions to Putin to give you another free lesson in dictatorship.

Lesson 6: Prepare your dictator nickname, such as Donald the Smart and Stable.

Lesson 7: Appoint a Supreme Court Justice who has ruled that you cannot be indicted for ordinary crimes. Hire a lawyer who says that you can pardon yourself.

Lesson 8: Show that anyone who crosses your lines in the sand, will lose their children.


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