The Hunt for “Deep State”

The Hunt for “Deep State”

CNN was all about hunting for the NY Times op-ed writer who revealed the existence of “The Resistance”, or League for Extreme Conservative Governance (Le CoG in the system). We wrote a serious detailed analysis of this recently. This article is focused on the hunt, which we have called “The Hunt for Red September” after the famous movie “The Hunt For Red October”, since Trump’s first, one-word response, was “TREASON?” That movie starred Sean Connery as the Captain of a Russian nuclear sub who did commit treason in taking it to the US.

Actually, I would prefer that Deep State be called “Republican Deep State”, since he or she obviously represents the very conservative Republican viewpoint, and not the non-partisan, good governance, outlook of the three million dedicated and conscientious federal employees, who were just denied their pre-scheduled raise.

I think The Hunt is a great coverup for the troubled Brett Kavanaugh nomination, as the public finds out more about how unprogressive his rulings have been. In his efforts to MAGA, he is going to set us back to the early sixties in killing Roe vs. Wade, affirmative action, voting rights, labor rights, and our triumvirate of checks and balances.

Other than Trump’s “you’re fired” trademark, what does Trump plan to do when he finds “Deep State”? Clearly, the writer’s political career is over until America comes to its senses, and discovers that he or she was right. Nobody has found a crime that Deep State has committed. While Trump loves to overuse the label “National Security” to lend importance and credence to his actions, no security breeches have been cited from the op-ed. Certainly not as many as revealed in Trump’s tweets or his multi-hour So Top Secret One-on-One meetings with our chief enemies Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and Vladimir Putin of Russia, that nobody knows what was discussed. Certainly not as much as being investigated for the Collusion of the Trump Campaign with Russian intelligence.

Trump’s anger may be that he has been recognized to be only a President, presiding over the government, and not the King (Yul Brynner) who declares “So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done”. I have never seen the directives that Trump signs, but, like the Pirates Code, they are more like guidelines, and not legally vetted and explicit orders.  Remember, to obey the Pirates Code, you first have to be a Pirate.

As usual, Trump has blown this into an enormous story.  The New York Times has a large subscription base of 3.4 million, but many would not have noticed an op-ed.  Now, hundreds of millions of Americans and probably viewers around the world know about the Deep State’s claims.

Trump loves a good purge, and will try every Rudy way possible to defame the loyal Republican author, and make him or her give up his or her fellow “conspirators”. Well, Trump would have eventually replaced all of his cabinet and White House staff anyway, as he has been doing at a record pace. Deep State will, however, be given a book contract and movie rights worth tens of millions. Eventually, Deep State will be seen as a national hero, who saved the Republican Republic, which was his or her goal in the first place.  In the op-Ed, Deep State is saying that Trump’s administration is in good Republican Resistance hands, and we don’t have to worry about or impeach the tyrant at its head. Once Trump purges all those who have ever stood up to him, we will have a more toady and more dangerous staff. Deep State will become a Legend, and one of the most interviewed TV personalities.

Like Hurricane Florence, which has just been upgraded to category 4, Trump’s anger seems to be growing. CNN just called Trump’s anger “The President’s op-ed Fury”. Like Trump’s anger, Florence is going to inundate Virginia and North Carolina. A message from Mother Nature?

Trump has embarrassed dozens of his Cabinet and White House staff by requiring them to make public and obsequious denials and statements of support. Poor VP Pence has to deny having ever thought about the 25th Amendment to replace the President. He also has to say he would welcome a lie detector test. He doesn’t deserve this treatment. He was elected just as Trump was. He cannot be fired. He can only be impeached, as Trump can be. In fact, if it wasn’t for “I am a Christian First” Pence bringing the evangelical vote, Trump would not have been elected.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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