America’s Pledge Report Launch by Gov. Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg

America’s Pledge Report Launch by Gov. Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg

A Half Hour YouTube Video. Searching on YouTube only turns up the 12 minute video before the questions.

The America’s Pledge Report link is:

Michael Bloomberg, UN Ambassador to Cities:

Since 2000, US greatest reduction of all countries

US coal plants closing

Cities and states saving energy since it saves money and leads to growth. Real action locally.

We’re Still In

Put us within our Paris goal, of 26% reduction by 2025. (24% estimated with more active goals, only 17% without).

Over 3,000 entities: states, cities, universities, companies, NGOs.

Halfway to Paris goal. Report shows actions.

Japan doing 200 entities like ours.

1400 premature deaths a year in the US.

Denying science just unacceptable.

Will support candidates for climate change and gun control.

Thanks California Gov. Gerry Brown.

California Governor Jerry Brown: 100% renewables in electric by 2045

Also a carbon neutral state by 2045.

Avoid a tipping point, so act now.

Washington releases more methane.

So much further to goal than the Paris Agreement.

Answers to Questions:

CA Air Resources Board has a set of goals to cover drilling. 45% reduction in oil consumption and drilling. An integrated plan.

Need battery storage to improve dramatically

Different lifestyle choices

Continue partnership with China. China promoting Zero emission vehicles. And the 13 states that follow California. And India.

Bloomberg: UN would like to aid less developed countries. But security council blocks some. Cutting out coal of industrial countries is the main thing to do.

India requiring electrical cars, but not that clean if electricity powered by coal.

Environmentally friendly company good for attracting employees, customers, and investors.

Important for Clean Air and Clean Water.

Brown: a lot of money out there. Worldwide defense budget over a trillion dollars. America’s defense budget $750 billion.

Brown asked about how history will treat Trump: Trump destroying California vehicle standards, encouraging coal, and risking methane leaks. Borders on insanity and criminality. Also, black carbon and hydrofluorocarbon. Three words: Liar, criminal, fool.

Brown: Want a reliable renewable grid, but also economical. Battery storage. Pump power. Sharing with other states. Electric cars tapping into grid at appropriate hours. Detroit has not only to make electric cars, but to advertise them and sell them.

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