The Stealing of the Supreme Court

The Stealing of the Supreme Court

I would like to get off this subject, but the increasingly unfair measures undertaken by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the highest stakes possible, say that it is now or never.  At my age, I tend not to get very excited about things, but this could be the week that ends what little Democracy we have left in America.  It’s not just that I saw Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” over the weekend.

The first theft was of course the Merrick Garland position, nominated by President Obama.  After all, 293 days was too close to an election for the appointment to be considered.  If the committee votes Friday on Kavanaugh’s nomination, it will be 39 days to the midterm election.  The Garland nomination was 7.5 times longer before the election.

There are twenty other judges who have been groomed by the Federalist Society to be extremely conservative.  Presumably, they don’t have serious problems in their past records.  But “plowing through” the justice who also worked to impeach and maximally embarrass Bill Clinton, and is unusually protective of Trump’s Presidency, and whose documentary record was blocked by Bush, Trump, and a rushed hearing is indeed undemocratic.  Refusing to only hear one very serious complainant about Kavanaugh’s character, without a reopened FBI background check, and without any witnesses being called is undemocratic, as well as totally violating the Fifth Amendment guaranteed of Due Process.  Finally, bringing in a sex crimes prosecutor to grill Dr. Ford, is totally misogynistic, and unheard of in hearings.  The prosecutor will also save the conservative Republican majority on the committee the embarrassment of having to ask the questions themselves.  There is no common purpose between the Republican majority and the Democratic minority on the committee.

The guardian committee in our government to judicial fairness and correctness, the Senate Judiciary Committee, is now just as bad as the infamous Star Chamber in British Law.  It ruled in favor of the King, and was unspeakably cruel to the King’s opposition.  It was cruel from 1515 until it was abolished by an act of Parliament in 1640.

To add to that, it looks like Rod Rosenstein will be dropped, and possibly replaced by a lawyer on Trump’s campaign, in order to kill the Mueller investigation of Trump’s campaign.

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