Kavanaugh: One, Two, Three . . . Infinity

Kavanaugh:  One, Two, Three .  .  .  Infinity

Update:  Boy, that didn’t take long.  I finished this at 10:30 AM.  Now, it is 4:30 PM and there are two new, but anonymous, alleged victims of sexual harassment.  One from 1985, and another from 1998.  The latter was 20 years ago, and Kavanaugh was inebriated.   These are still before Judge Kavanaugh first dated his wife on 9/10/2001.  His wife was secretary to George W. Bush.

This is the title of a book on math for the public written by Isaac Asimov.  I read this probably before high school.  The “Infinity” in the title referred to its coverage of infinite series.  The “Infinity” today refers to the third woman bearing witness to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s and Mark Judge’s sexual assaults at parties in the Washington area, Julie Swetnick.  Unfortunately, Ms. Swetnick was drugged and gang raped at one of these parties.  The drugging and raping is what Bill Cosby just got sentenced for.  The many felonies that the males involved in the parties may have committed is why there is no crack in their wall of silence.  Only an FBI investigation can get to the bottom of this.

This is now really too much for the main Senate Judiciary Committee to cover in detailed hearings.  They need to make another subcommittee, probably to be called the Subcommittee on Drunkenness, Groping, Grabbing, Sexual Insults, Kidnapping, Attempted Rape, Drugging, Gang Raping, Exposing and Other Such Behavior by a Nominee to a Lifetime Appointment to the Supreme Court.

This year’s #MeToo Movement has unveiled many men with not just one, two, or three assault and harassment cases, but many revealed cases.  Pre-President Trump is up to 21 cases, including a taped confession, and his illegally paying off of two affairs for silence, without filing them as last minute campaign donations.  

Bill Cosby finally got sentenced for one drugged raping, while 65 women were already lined up as assault cases.

In Justice Kavanaugh’s case, his sins will be multiplied a million fold by denying Planned Parenthood, reversing Roe vs. Wade, and his belief that birth control is abortion.

Times Up for the Judiciary Committee to smell the missing roses in these sexual assaults and to call for the FBI to reopen its background checks on both District Court Judge Kavanaugh and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

If an FBI investigation is ordered, will Kavanaugh just withdraw and keep his present lifetime District Court judgeship?

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