An FBI Investigation of a Con Man Run by Four Con Men is a Con Job

An FBI Investigation of a Con Man Run by Four Con Men is a Con Job

Period.  Enough Said?

Update, Oct. 2, Tuesday.  Trump at a rally trashed Dr. Blasey’s story because she did not remember details.  It almost seems like he was saying she must have had more than one beer.  Is that supposed to lessen the fault of young Kavanaugh?  The FBI said it might Report tomorrow on Wednesday.  But the FBI has not interviewed Dr. Blasey yet, or Judge Kavanaugh.  Many other confirming witnesses were also not called.  Are these restrictions from the Con Men?  Also, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said that only Senators will be able to see the FBI report.  Meanwhile, The NY Times reported out Trump’s tax fraud from money passed on by his father.  There is no statue of limitations on tax fraud, and the State of New York is investigating it.  Trump really needs Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court to protect him from being investigated as President.  Are all of these connected?

The four horsemen of the Constitutional Apocalypse start with White House Counsel Tom McGahn, who was responsible for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Shouldn’t he be the last person to guide a supposedly independent FBI background check on Kavanaugh?  He was also Trump’s campaign counsel.  He worked for the Koch affiliated Freedom Partners.  As incoming Chair of the Federal Election Commission, he blocked all enforcement of FEC regulations.

Next, we have our record setting President.  Many are imaginary cons, but the most definite record is that he surpassed 5,000 lies as President on Sept. 12, when he was averaging 32 lies a day.  Trump says we should look at Kavanaugh’s third woman accuser, but that is not happening.  At a news conference called to celebrate his new USMCA achievement, the only thing being covered is Kavanaugh.  (Every time I hear of USMCA I think of the song YMCA, and wonder how to make a body shape for the S.). Trump has said there is some doubt about the third accuser, Julie Swetnick, another public slander.  He also publicly blackmailed an unnamed US Senator, about a “compromising” situation.  The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee want 24 people to be questioned by the FBI.  At a question on Kavanaugh’s drinking, Trump made it about himself not having a drink ever in his life.  Another World Record!

The third con man is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who killed Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, because 293 days was too close to an election.  If the Senate votes this Friday, it will be 33 days to the midterm election, which is why they have been rushing the nomination.  It also prevented looking at Kavanaugh’s million document record.

And the fourth con man is Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.  Instead of voting on the motion made by Senator Feinstein to include the FBI investigation deal with Sen. Jeff Flake (the one male profile in courage here, among a dozen women), Grassley only voted on moving the nomination out of committee.  He then stood up and upended the chessboard with the TWO HOUR RULE as he dashed out at top speed.  Nobody knew what kind of investigation there would be, and they still don’t.  Remember when a kid would upend the checker board instead of losing a game?  Grassley repeated this childish con on the most serious appointed commission that the Senate ever has, to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court of the land.

Four lifelong master con men investigating a con man that they have nominated and have been backing throughout Kavanaugh’s career, including his enthusiastic impeachment of Bill Clinton.  Give me a break!

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