Rudy Giuliani Triumphs: “Truth Isn’t Truth”

  • Rudy Giuliani Triumphs:  “Truth Isn’t Truth”

This is an escalation of Kellyanne’s inauguration of the Trump Era showing that under Trump we would be living in an alternate reality of “alternative facts.”  Kellyanne was followed by Trump’s favorite phrase “fake news”, and more recently “witch hunt”.  The White House controlled FBI investigation fits into all of these.  Trump and Senate Republicans have limited the people called to the minimum, in acts of containment.  There are over 40 more people who could testify.

To the extent that the background check is a trial, lets recall trial strategy.  Defense lawyers always say that their clients are innocent, and will take the stand at the end to firmly establish their innocence.  So for weeks, the jury still feels that the defendant is innocent.  Then at the very end, the defendant never gets called, because of the dangers of cross examination, and because the defendant does not have a real defense.

Since Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s last Judiciary Committee interview was filled with disshemblement and lies, they also feared that Kavanaugh would be easily entrapped into multiple perjuries.  Usually the statement is made that except for stating his name, everything else was a lie.  In this case, Brett also lied about that, by not confirming that his high school nickname was Bart, and he was the Bart Kavanaugh described in Mike Judge’s book as a severe drunk.

When people wonder why Trump has changed his attitude towards Dr. Ford’s testimony, and gone overboard in mocking her, and violating her rights of due process, that they haven’t noticed that FLOTUS Melania Trump is in Africa, on the other side of the world.  This proves that Melania really does bring empathy to the Presidency.  I was reading a psychology report that people who suffer from narcissism have no empathy.  This really fits The Donald.

Abraham Lincoln said:  You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.  Trump has learned that he can settle for “some of the people all the time”.       

Trump totally underestimates the Power of the Press.  Here, he and the Senate Republicans limit the FBI from interviewing dozens of potential witnesses.  These people have not worked for Trump and not signed even illegal Non-Disclosure Agreements.  If they can’t talk secretly to the FBI, some of them are willing to come out and talk to the press, and the TV networks.  It would have been better to include them in the secret FBI interviews.

The same thing has just happened with Trump’s secrecy of his tax returns.  It took a couple of years, but his business dealings with his father and family are now coming out in The NY Times.    Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, instead of wooing the Press, just recited a now standard Democratic conspiracy theory that all Republicans as well as Judge Kavanaugh recited, almost word-for-word.  Not a good way to deal with the Press, and presenting an outlook of honesty.  She also insulted all members of the press that had the temerity to ask a question of the US Press Secretary.  

Does Trump really think that cheers from his rabid followers at a Mississippi rally, for disparaging a rape victim, is the same as getting Republicans out to vote for Trump’s candidates?   Does Trump really think that the secret FBI report will not leak in the month left until the election?  

Instead of each member of the Senate getting their own copy of the FBI report to study for a day, the reports are going to be held in a room by a few staff.  Each Senator seems like they will only get an hour.  No cell phones and no notes will be allowed.

This is after the report goes to the White House tonight.  Will the White House drop parts, and censor other parts?

The Senate is supposed to exercise due diligence.  Not the format for doing that.  

Since there is no definitive public document to verify the contents, there will be 50 positive interpretations, and 48 negative ones.

Did Trump commit this outrage to distract us from the tax guilt of The NY Times report?   Indubitably.  

The National Council of Churches, representing 40 million Americans, has declared Kavanaugh unsuitable for the Supreme Court.  They cited the issues of voting rights, racial and gender justice, health care, rights of disabled persons, and environmental protections.                                                                                                                          

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