New Trump -ocracies, Part 2

New Trump -ocracies, Part 2

We have more -ocratic forms of Trump’s ruling methods, that would make the previous part 1 too long, so we include them here.  Other than my level classification of  “you can’t make this stuff up” or exmakeocracy, escalating to exdreamocracy, and topped by exnightmareocracy, I haven’t developed a topic scheme.  But this is still a new field.  Here we go:

GSocracy – governance by Goldman Sachs executives, GS on stock exchange, who’s stock doubled when Trump hired them (Gary Cohn, former GS president, became director of the National Economic Council;  Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin worked 17 years at GS);

Fraudocracy – self explanatory;

Innuendocracy – publicly casting aspersions at opponents and derogatively nicknaming them;

Gerrymandocracy – how gerrymandered states and congressional districts gave Republicans the House;

Electoralocracy – electing our Presidents based on gerrymandering, and not the popular vote – the origin of Trumpocracy;

Senatocracy – giving the smallest population states the same power over foreign policy and federal judgeships and positions as California, which is the world’s 5th largest economy and most populous American state;

Demodictocracy – democratically electing a President who strives to be a dictator, and whose best international buddies are dictators;

Lifeocracy – desire to convert a fixed term Presidency to a lifetime position, like Trump’s love Kim Jong Un, China’s Xi Jinping, and effectively Putin has;

Obsequiocracy – requiring constant rites of obsequiousness from your appointees; or a Toadocracy;

Narcissocracy – self evidenced with Trump;

Paradocracy – governing by massive parades of narcissocracy, desired by Trump; 

Lockherupocracy – desiring to lock up your political opponent during and after an election;

Salutocracy – requiring everyone to salute the flag and stand for the national anthem, even if the President does not apparently know the words to it;

Shootocracy – the ability to shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and not get arrested for it – now possible with Justice Kavanaugh’s wall around the Presidency;

Pardonocracy –  the ability of the President to pardon himself;

Rudyocracy – having your chief lawyer create new powers for you; like Marvel comics, but for real;

Tweetocracy – governance by tweeting;

Pollutocracy – Making America Polluted Again;

Warmocracy – creating a warmer planet, and saving very little money for fossil fuel industries in doing so;

Floodocracy – what’s caused by warmocracy, including sea level rise and dramatically increased rainfall;

Papertowelocracy – not fixing hurricane damaged regions if they have no electoral votes for you;

Getmybackocracy – being protected by Kavanaugh and Session’s replacement from criminal prosecution;

Labelocracy – defeating opponents by catchy deprecating labels;

Tariffocracy – “kneel before Zod”, accomplished with overwhelming tariffs;

Communocracy – acting as if you owned all American industries and could order them around, as Communist leaders can do, who actually do run all industries;

Pulloutocracy – pulling out of all treaties signed by past presidents, a result of agreementphobia;

Ripupocracy – the practice of tearing up all documents before they can be archived, as required;

Dennisocracy – I’m now up to 38 new Trumpocracies beyond the Oxford 60;

“And the beat goes on, the beat goes on.” – Cher

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