Funds for Orange County Congressional Candidates

Funds for Local and Another CA Congressional District

The funding reports are totals of the 2018 race from 2017-18, filed for the third quarter on 9/30/2018.  They are only for the final two candidates.  The data are taken from, from the Center for Responsive Politics.  They are for local California districts, including the two Coastal Republican districts, and a toss-up one.  The numbers are in millions of dollars.  Inc. means incumbent.

Candidate:                      Raised:     Spent:    Cash on Hand:

CA 45th:  Irvine and UC Irvine district:

R. Mimi Walters (Inc.).         3.89.           3.35.            0.93. 

D. Katie Porter.                       5.00.           4.45.            0.55. 

CA 48th:  local coastal district:

R. Dana Rohrabacher (Inc.).  2.17.          1.90.            0.51             

D. Harley Rouda.                    5.77.             4.27.           1.50.

CA 49th:  used to be R Darrel Issa’s coastal district:

D. Mike Levin.                        4.87.              3.36.           1.51. 

R. Diane Harkey.                    1.32.              1.13.           0.19. 

CA 39th:  a toss-up

D. Gil Cisneros.                      9.95.              9.67.          0.28. 

R. Young Kim.                        2.19.              1.85.           0.34. 

In all four races, the Democrat has raised the most funds.  Except in the CA 45th, the Democratic funds are far greater than the Republican funds.  The funds are much greater than the last quarter 6/30 funds, so the cash on hand is not crucial since more funds will be raised in October.


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