Trump’s October Surprises

Trump’s October Surprises

A so-far secret and unwritten middle class tax cut, to cut middle class taxes by 10%.  It can’t be voted on until after the election, so I suspect, we have to have a Republican Senate and House.  However, the Republicans can still vote until the new Congress is seated on January 6, so Pinocchios are in order here.  The trillions of dollars cut would undoubtedly have to come from Medicare and Social Security, as the last tax cut will also be applied against.

Two unfavorable non-surprises is that the tax cut for the rich and businesses went to them, not to workers, and that the national debt is increased.

There are now supposedly a million jobs at risk for the Saudi wishful thinking arms sales.  But, it is now clear that half of the jobs go to Saudi Arabia, and will probably be filled with guest workers from the “Middle East”.  It is also now clear that we will have to give the Saudis the plans for the equipment, and in the future they can compete against us, or leak them to enemy powers or other competitors.  This is probably why Trump doubled the number of jobs from 500,000 to 1,000,000 when he learned that half of them go to Saudi Arabia, and he promised Americans 450,000 jobs.  It started with 40,000 jobs.  These weapons deals date back to Presidents Obama and George W. Bush.  They might indeed be in jeopardy with a Democratic House.  Sunday, we were back to the only $4 billion under contract.

Trump has detected “Middle Eastern” marchers, who are invisible to others, in the march from Honduras to the US boarder.  I hope they aren’t the Saudi secret police trying to escape punishment.  But I do hope that they might be escapees from the 3,000 Saudi political prisoners, who were imprisoned without any due process.  Trump is suddenly very concerned about Saudi’s getting due process, so maybe he will let them in.

If not, Jared and Ivanka can always tell Trump the old story of the Hebrews in the Middle East, who left Egypt to flee oppression, and after 40 years made a home in Israel, which Trump now strongly supports.

Trump claims that the marchers are Honduran criminals, but the real criminals probably have enough money to fly to the US and buy their citizenship.  I can’t imagine that the Middle Easterners speak Spanish, or speak with good Spanish accents, so they should be easy to detect at the border.

Trump suddenly walked out on our Reagan era ban on nuclear cruise missiles with Russia.  This is to make him not look like he is a Russian tool, or “compromat”.  By a strange coincidence, John Bolton is in Moscow telling the Russians that they did not affect the 2016 election, so if Trump is found to be a colluder, it wouldn’t matter.

Today, Trump says that the marchers through Mexico will be given cars along with their driver’s licenses, when they get here.  Really?

Two weeks of desperation surprises still to go.

On Nov. 4 or 5th, US sanctions on Iran could take 1 million barrels a day of crude off the market.  We will have to see how Europe responds.

Trump’s daily reality show:  “Never a Dull Moment”, moves on.

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