Trump’s Seeds of Wrath Have Born Fruit

Trump’s Seeds of Wrath Have Born Fruit

The only real question is why it took three years, until now two highly unhinged haters have sought infamy in the same week by carrying forward on hatreds prompted by Trump.

Update:  Sunday, while all were mourning the 11 murdered and 6 injured of the worst anti-Semitic disaster in US history, Trump had to tweet-insult a Jewish Democratic donor, Tom Steyer.  Trump called him Wacky Tom Steyer, and a crazed & stumbling lunatic.   I guess crocodile tears do not last long.  Who else targeted Tom Steyer?  The #MAGAbomber.

Update:  House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) took down a tweet on Wednesday against Democratic donors George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg.  What Constitution is he reading that forbids members of any religion from contributing to candidates?

Sure, Trump perfunctorily mouthed the words of unity on his TelePrompTer written by a sane advisor, and then immediately returned to his Wrath of Kahn character.  

Except for a line when Trump activated the right wing “we are the Champions, er, Victims, my friend” sympathy appeal (Queen’s song played at Trump rallies).  This would work, except when he is appealing the 6,000 fact-checked lies detected by the normal press.

I’m not going to list all of the invitations to violence by Trump (Charlottesville), but will discuss the absurdity of his NRA solution of selling guns to everybody as the good-guys-in-the-room.

The Synagogue shooter’s armaments were an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon and three handguns.  But in subduing him, four alerted and presumably bullet proof vested officers were wounded, before injuring the shooter.  Police spend a professional lifetime training with weapons and shooter situations.  How many teachers or religious members can claim to have that training or equipment?  How many school districts or churches or temples have the resources to hire at least five experienced guards for each event?

We know that dozens of police were actually engaging the shooter at the time he gave up.

The semi-automatic weapon, or perhaps bump stock modification to an automatic weapon, or high count magazines may have been used, or they could have been, without the restrictions that we enjoy with California gun laws.  So Trump’s and the NRA’s solution is nothing of the sort.

But Trump himself can do things that nobody else can do to prevent violence.  I pointed out many of these things among the last several articles.  But some new things are needed, as shown this week.  First of all, as Melania would say, “Be First” to denounce the type of violence, IN DETAIL.  Don’t “Ditto” your VP or wife, or take four days to call out neo-Nazis, or ignore naming the Jewish George Soros as a bombing target.  And denounce ALL of the conspiracy plots blamed on George Soros, including your own charges of outside funding and organization of the Honduras Caravan.  And apologize (yes, I said that impossible word to you) for slandering all Jews and Arabs under the title of “Middle Easterners” who, you alleged, without evidence, joined the march, in order to terrorize Americans.  Then, apologize for using the word “Nationalist”, just after you said that you know full well what its connotations are, especially to minorities and Jews.

The only thing we have to fear, are the terrorists encouraged by those sounds of silence.  

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