Clean Energy Jobs and Investments in Orange County Districts

Clean Energy Jobs and Investments in Orange County Districts

It’s important for local politicians and voters to realize the importance of clean energy jobs and investments in California and Southern California.  Even without an acceptance of the science of climate change and our responsibility for it and its consequences, cleaner energy has always been a goal for all of us due to our smog situation, and its threat to our health.

E2 at is an organization to “advance smart energy policies in every region at every level.  They have been involved in developing 2,500 companies, with 600,000 jobs.  They have just completed a report on California clean energy jobs and investments, from which we take data for local districts.  Their data is from the US Energy and Employment Report.

Investments are documented in-district investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation, and other greenhouse gases mitigation projects.  They do not give the income from the jobs.

The State of California has 519,000 clean energy jobs, as much as the next seven states combined.  We have one in seven of the United States clean energy jobs.  61% of the jobs are in construction and manufacturing.

Our local Orange County Congressional districts have the following numbers of clean energy jobs:

CA 45th:  23,200, second in the state, just behind Nancy Pelosi’s district with 26,500 jobs.

CA 49th:  19,700 clean energy jobs.

CA 39th:  12,500 jobs.

CA 48th:    8,800 jobs.

The Congressional races in these districts are covered in many previous posts.

As a combination city, the LA – Long Beach – Santa Ana region has the largest concentration of jobs in the US, with 162,700.

The local California Senate District of the 40 Districts is the 37th, served by Republican John Moorlach, whose four year term is up in 2020.  Our district has 15,800 clean energy jobs, and $770 million in investments.  $76 million of cap and trade funds have been implemented in our district, and 80% of it went to disadvantaged communities.

Irvine is covered by two of the states’ 80 Assembly Districts.  The 74th also covers coastal Orange County from Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach.  The District is represented by Republican Matthew Harper, running against Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris.  The District has 8,700 clean energy jobs, and $400 million in investments.  From cap and trade’s $62 million, 86% went to disadvantaged communities.

Irvine and inland areas are also partly covered by the Assembly 68 district.  It’s current representative is Republican Steven Choi, running again Democrat Michelle Duman.  The 68th has 14,600 clean energy jobs, and $400 million in investments.  Of the $65 million from cap and trade, 90% went to disadvantaged communities.  

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