The Republican Senate Completes the Theft of the American Justice System for Trump

The Republican Senate Completes the Theft of the American Justice System for Trump

It started with Judicial appointments just requiring a majority vote instead of a supermajority of 60, since Republicans were blocking Democratic judicial appointments.

Then Republicans changed the Supreme Court appointments to a majority vote.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley stole the Scalia Supreme Court position by refusing to consider President Obama’s nominee for nine months, despite the fact that Obama represented the electorate at that time.

Then, Justice Kennedy’s replacement was railroaded through his Senate confirmation in a rush with a secret and very limited FBI screening.  Kavanaugh also gave the most insulting interview imaginable to the Democrats on the Judiciary committee, yet the committee Republicans passed him, and the Senate Republicans caved to election pressure.

In cramming very young, sometimes unqualified, and extremely conservative Federal Judges through the Senate, the Republicans dropped the Blue Card tradition of respecting the wishes of a Senator when the position would rule over his or her state. 

Now, with only retiring Republican Senator Flake objecting, the Republican Senate has turned a deaf ear to Trump’s appointing an Attorney General without Senate Advise and Consent, as Constitutionally and specifically required by law for that position.  The acting Attorney General is supposed to be somebody in the line of succession, not essentially an office aid, the chief of staff to the Attorney General.  If Trump is incapacitated, does his appointed Chief of Staff take over, or does the elected VP take over?

Further, Trump’s pick of Matt Whitaker was hand chosen because of his extreme positions of limiting and abolishing the Mueller investigation.  Trump is now also trying to say that Mueller was not appointed by the Senate, so there.  The Special Counsel just writes a report, and is not a Justice position.  Just because Whitaker was passed for an Iowa position many years ago, does not pass for today’s Attorney General position.  Why did we have to have a Kavanaugh hearing, when he was passed as a Federal Justice a long time ago?

Will Whitaker limit, bury, or end the Mueller investigation?  Of course.

If somehow Whitaker is forced to get a Senate confirmation, will the Republicans ram it through?  No. He is only acting Attorney General, and Trump says he will pick somebody else for Attorney General, obviously after Whitaker completes his skulduggery.  The Republicans will ram through Trump’s nomination for the real Attorney General.

Will Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, since he has written and has TV and radio interviews about it?  He has already indicated that he wouldn’t.

When will Whitaker act?  Very, very soon.  It took zero days after the election for Trump to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  I don’t think that Trump even gave a reason for this.

 Where will this end?  I know:  “and then they came for me”.  Why else is the press “the enemy of the people”?  This has already started with the fifteen fortunately detected bombs sent to Trump opponents and the press.

Then Trump continued on this by banning Jim Acosta of CNN from the White House and asking that he be fired by CNN.  At Trump rallies they chant “CNN sucks”.


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