Nov. 14, Orange County: Dem Cisneros almost takes the lead in CA 39th

Nov. 14, Orange County:  Dem Cisneros almost takes the lead in CA 39th.

Dem Katie Porter moved farther ahead of Rep Incumbent Mimi Walters in the CA 45th, including Irvine.  Dem Gil Cisneros of CA 39th is soo close to taking the lead.

CA 45

D Katie Porter         116,732.  50.8%

R (I) Mimi Walters.   116,471.  49.2%

The difference is now a 3,797 or 1.6% vote lead for Porter.  Last night, Nov. 13, it was a slight 261 vote lead for Porter.  So this is a steady increase for Porter.  I have lived in Irvine since 1971, or 47 years, and this is the first time I will have a Democratic representative.

CA 48

D Harley Rouda.               126,536.  52.7%

R (I) Dana Rohrabacher.   113,574.  47.3%

D Rouda’s lead is now 12,962 or 5.4%, up from 10,598 or 4.6% yesterday, a gain of 2,364 or 0.8%.       

State Assembly District 74

D Cottie Petrie-Norris.   83,962.   51.8%

R (I) Matthew Harper.     78,156.   48.2%

The difference is now 5,806 or 3.6%, up from 3,430 or 2.2% yesterday.  That is an increase of 2,376 or 1.4%.

CA 39. Dem Gil Cisneros is soooo close.  The district is mainly Orange County, but part Los Angeles County, with a pinch of San Bernardino.

R Young Kim.        99,501.   50.03%

D Gil Cisneros.      99,379.   49.97%

The difference is now only 122 votes or 0.06%, up from 711 votes, or 0.4% yesterday. 

Of the 441,011 votes to count after Election Day, 238,551 or 54.1% have been counted, and 45.9% are left to count, and they counted 13.4% today.    So that could be 4 more days of counting, finishing on next Monday, Nov. 19th.

CA 10th has been called for Democrat Josh Harder, and Republican Incumbent Jeff Denham has conceded, at 51% to 49%.

NBC has called CA 48th for Dem Harley Rouda.

New Jersey 3 has been called for a Dem win.

Now, CNN’s House has D 227 to R 200, increasing two Dems from California.  8 are still not decided.  Dems had a majority at 218.

The Senate is D 47 and R 51.  Florida is being recounted, and Mississippi has a runoff.

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