Nov. 21. In CA 21, Republican Lead Cut in Half to Only 447 Votes

Nov. 21. In CA 21, Republican Lead Cut in Half to Only 447 Votes

CA 21

R David Valadao:    54,713 or 50.21%, up 2,401 from yesterday.  But his percentage fell to 50.21% from 50.47% yesterday.

D TJ Cox:               54,266 or 49.79%, up 2,923 from yesterday and from  49.53%.

The difference is now only 447 votes, cut in half from 969 votes for the Republican yesterday.  So the rapid Democratic gain is back!  Of the 5,324 total votes added, 55% went to D, and 45% went to R.  

The short is again that all four Orange County district races, and our local State Assembly district, are led by Democrats, called by the AP, and their tide keeps rising.  The rate of counting ballots has halved again this week, so we are still looking at five more days of counting.  Have greatly shortened the reports of the already determined races.

CA 45

D Katie Porter, still at 51.7%, over R (I) Mimi Walters at 48.3%, a 3.4% lead.

CA 48

D Harley Rouda moved up to 53.4% from 53.3%, over R (I) Dana Rohrabacher at 46.6%, a 6.8% lead.

CA 39

D Gil Cisneros, still at 51.2%, leading R Young Kim at 48.8%.  D Cisneros’s lead is 2.4%.

State Assembly District 74

D Cottie Petrie-Norris, still at 52.5%, leading R incumbent Matthew Harper at 47.5% by 5.0%.

Of the now 479,011 votes to count after Election Day, 415,026, or 86.6%, up 2.8% from yesterday.  With 13.4% left to count, at the 2.8% a day rate, it could still take 5 more days.  Sounds like Zeno’s paradox.  However, the Democratic winners keep gaining, and all of the races have been called by the AP.

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