Unexpected Heroes During The Trump Administration

Unexpected Heroes During The Trump Administration

A number of the top appointments in the Trump administration were opposed by liberals as being unqualified or severely conflicted for their positions.  Yet by the time they were denigrated and fired/resigned by Trump, they were seen as heroes by the public compared to Trump and his toadies.  These members are also called “the adults in the room”, or the “babysitters”, all of which are supposedly now gone.

The other heroes are the 2 or 3 million talented experts and experienced workers throughout the government who stayed on to do their jobs, despite their agencies and departments being headed by hand picked antagonists with major conflicts of interest, and the thousands of political appointees running their departments with similar conflicts.  They have also had to deal with being denigrated by Trump as “the deep state”, and having to put up with the hardships of three government shutdowns this year.  D.C. and its surroundings are expensive areas to live in.

Then there is the Press, the Fourth Estate, which has been denigrated by Trump daily and often by person as “fake news”, “the enemy of the people”, “liars”, and other derogatory terms. 

Finally, there is Special Counsel Mueller and his staff, the FBI, and the members of the Department of Justice, and judges, who have to deal with the daily “witch hunt” label, as well as unprecedented interference by Presidential denigration of their efforts in many cases.

We have to give special note to the anti-agency leaders who were cheap schiesters who totally embarrassed the administration, such as Zinke of the Department of the Interior, and Pruitt of the EPA.

The limited length of my articles does not allow me to make a complete list and discussion of all of the cases involved, although I am sure there will be several books by those with the editorial staff to compile all of the cases.  I’m sure the reader knows of many of those cases. 

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