If You Hire From Three Decades Ago, You Get Policies From Three Decades Ago

If You Hire From Three Decades Ago, You Get Policies From Three Decades Ago

William Barr is a disaster for Attorney General.  He really is 28 years out of date.  Senators who think he will take a new look at policies are wearing inch thick rose colored glasses.  Mr. Barr served from 1991-1993 at the start of President George W. Bush’s term as Attorney General.  

Yes, Barr DID campaign for the job by writing letters highly critical of Mueller’s probe, and sent them to all of Trump’s lawyers to aid them in fighting all aspects of the probe.  If there is one thing that White House preparatory briefings of nominees are good for, its how to pull off a scam.

Barr also will NOT recuse himself from the Mueller probe just because he told everybody how it is invalid and a witch hunt, the MOST OBVIOUS reason that anybody MUST recuse themselves.  But Trump would withdraw the nomination immediately if he did.

Here are some of Barr’s policies.  We need some sort of barrier with Mexico to stop drug flows, and apparently the longest ever and very serious government shutdown is the only way to get it (a non-sequitur).  Most drugs come in through regular border check-points, or from China.  (Except half of marijuana comes through the rest of the border, and will continue with a slatted fence).  Barr says marijuana should still be banned.  He waffles about not interfering with states that allow it.  (Are we now going to build Walls around California and Colorado, with additional checkpoints?  Actually, 10 states allow adult use, and 22 more allow medical use.  Only 5 states totally ban it.)  Barr is three decades behind the times on abortion rights, Obamacare, LGBTQ rights, minority equality in drug sentencing, policing, and training police to treat minorities equally.  I didn’t see questioning on Session’s maximum charging and sentencing policy, or gun controls, or women’s rights, or sexual harassment, or voting rights.

Too much time was spent on the Mueller probe, which is irrelevant for ordinary citizens, and which will never be acted upon for impeachment by either the House or the Senate.  Barr eventually guaranteed that the public will never see the results of the probe.  That is, unless Mueller stops redacting all of the indictments, or the Grand Jury releases a report, or the House calls witnesses.  Regardless, Trump will never resign.  Too much free golfing time and valuable emoluments. 

Not only that, Barr wants to bring back another probe of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton’s charitable foundation, and them allowing an irrelevant old sale of the Uranium One company operating in Kazakhstan.  Clinton has already been harassed by about 10 probes, who is counting, and cleared all of them.  By coincidence, the email probe got FBI Director Comey fired for election interference, and then got Trump investigated for (1) asking Putin to hack and (2) turn over more Clinton emails, (3) admitting that he actually fired Comey over Russia, and (4) meeting with Russians in the Oval Office and saying that all is now clear.  Doesn’t Trump know when to stop?  By the way, any member of Congress is allowed to have their own email server, and to even keep them hidden in their basement!

In contrast to hidden personal emails and servers, Trump has hidden the contents of five long SECRET meetings with Russian arch-enemy Putin, even from his own Security, Defense, and State Secretaries (5-9).

Incidentally, John Bolton began his government service under Ronald Reagan in 1988, and continued to 2006.  He still is pushing for a conflict with Iran.  

Update this evening:  Went to a UCI lecture by Seymour Hersh of the New York Times on Trump Foreign Policy.  He also decried the reemergence of the Neocons from the Bush administration.  The other thing that re-emerged today is Trump’s new Reagan Star Wars plan of shooting down ballistic missles.  He promises to protect every American city.  We’ve had a continuing missle intercept program, of limited accuracy and no realistic testing.  The problem is that even if you can obtain a hoped for 50% intercept rate, the enemy just sends two missiles for every one before, and you get twice the destruction.

Old men, old policies.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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