Hindering or Delaying a Witness is a Crime, Donald and Rudy

Hindering or Delaying a Witness is a Crime, Donald and Rudy

I wrote a column that Trump was suborning Michael Cohen as a witness to the House hearings.  Trump did this by threatening an investigation of his father-in-law.  Because of that, Cohen postoned his plan to freely testify before the House Oversight Committee.  Trump’s action could be investigated as a suborning crime.  

Today, Trump not only weighed in on Cohen’s father-in-law, but his wife as well.  Since Trump and Cohen were at least colluding on many things for year, can this be called Trump “ratting” on his personal lawyer?

To add to that, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, on TV no less, added to this by saying that Cohen’s father-in-law was Ukrainian and had millions, so he might be involved in organized crime.  That sounds like slander by Giuliani, but also another instance of suborning Cohen as a witness, by now Giuliani.  If Rudy did this at the direction of Trump, directly or indirectly, that would be another crime committed by Trump.

These guys just don’t know when to stop.

Many of Trump’s cabinet or White House are millionaires, or in fact, $100 millionaires.  Does that mean that they are also part of organized crime?  Or does Trump’s devotion to Czar Putin, the oilgarchs, and the Koch brothers make the White House an organized crime unit?  Was Rudy admitting that Putin’s Ukrainian pawn and Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort was an organized criminal, and on the part of the Trump campaign, like turning over Campaign polling to Russia?

Fortunately, Rudy’s boss has never had any links to the building industry and unions in New York.  His boss is also not under investigation for fraudulently cheating on inheritance taxes on half a billion dollars of inherited property.  His boss also did not take on a $2 trillion tax cut designed to eliminate inheritance taxes on his own $3 billion of worth.  His boss is also not under suspicion of colluding with the Russians on hacking Democrats and publishing their discoveries, in order to win the election.  Because Rudy said that if Cohen’s relative was a possible criminal, he should be investigated.  Apparently, evidence is not a requirement for a Trump Justice investigation.

This actually fits in perfectly with Trump’s treating 800,000 government employees as if they were criminals, as well as 2 million Dreamers, who were brought to this country when they were too young to make that a crime of theirs.

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