Democratic Primary Delegates are 40% Super Tuesday, and Only 4.3% February and 1.1% Iowa!

Democratic Primary Delegates are 40% Super Tuesday, and only 4.3% February and 1.1% Iowa!

Clearly, this is an appeal for the multitude of Democratic candidates to pay most of their attention to the 46 states that aren’t in the February primaries.  There are many problems in America which have to be addressed all over the country.

That’s the message, now for all of the boring numbers, starting top down.  In the 2020 Democratic Primaries and Caucuses, there are 4,532 total delegate votes.  Of these, 3,768 are pledged, and 764 are unpledged.  The unpledged are not really superdelegates, since they now cannot vote on the first ballot, if it is contested.  If the first ballot does not determine the nomination, then they can vote in subsequent ballots.  They are 17% of the total vote.

Of the 3,768 pledged ballots, 2,437 or 64.7% (about 2/3) are district chosen delegates, and 841 or 22.3% are at large delegates.  490 or 13.0% are PLEO (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) delegates. 

The eleven March 3rd Super Tuesday states are below, comprising 1,834 total delegates, or 40.5% of the total delegates.

495 California 

270 New York

262 Texas

248 Florida

124 Virginia

122 N. Carolina

114 Massachusetts 

73   Tennessee

61   Alabama

42   Oklahoma

23   Vermont

The top four comprise 28.1% of all delegates.  California and New York reliably go Democratic in Presidential elections, Florida is a reliably conflicted state, and Texas is Republican.

The February states are, with delegates and dates:

63 S. Carolina, Feb. 29

49 Iowa caucuses Feb. 3

48 Nevada caucuses, Feb. 22

33 New Hampshire, Feb. 11

The total of February states’ delegates is 193, which is 4.26% of the total primary delegates.  The Iowa caucuses are 1.1% of the total.  The ratio of the February states’ delegates to Super Tuesday delegates is 10.5%.

The delegate data are from:

California, with 495 delegates, at 10.9% of the total, has finally moved to Super Tuesday, instead of Irrelevant June.  We would love to see the candidates here.

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