The Trump Organization and its Climate Exposure

The Trump Organization and its Climate Exposure

I’m fed up with Trump’s kindergarten climate baiting of Democrats on cold days.  The latest being Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who had the guts to go on schedule announcing her candidacy in a snowstorm.  Remember when Trump skipped veteran’s memorials of D-Day because it was raining?

Trump is, in fact, the proverbial person living in a glass tower throwing snowballs.  He is highly exposed to climate change.  It’s hard to imagine, that hidden within his Trump Organization, responsible people have not made an assessment of their vulnerability to climate change.  In fact, we know that he has received permission to build high surf barriers on two of his Irish golf courses.

It’s hard to know Trump’s full exposure to his 540 naming contracts, unless we see his voluminous tax returns.  Oh, I forgot, all of his properties are labeled by the enormous Trump signs, in gold, no less.

Let’s start with his Las Vegas hotel and casino.  It is 44ºF there now, going down to a low of FREEZING tonight at 32ºF.  It is also snowing there!  So much for teasing Amy from your glass tower.  Not a lot of Angelinos going there to enjoy walking on the Strip and soaking in the pool.  In the summer, his guests will be able to enjoy, with climate change, temperatures in excess of 110ºF and longer heat waves.  I would have gone to sightsee parks near Vegas last summer, but it was way too hot.  (Politically, I would not have stayed in his hotel.).  Also, the heating and air conditioning costs of his hotel will surge.

Now lets think of going to New York and vacationing or settling in his Trump Tower (I’m kidding of course.)  Since climate change has loosened the cold polar vortex upon us, nobody wants to vacation in New York during those periods.  In summer, it should be hotter, and with even higher humidity than already is unbearable.  Again, fewer guests or settlers.  And higher air conditioning charges.  There are 11 Trump Luxury Hotels on the web, with the apt motto for his administration:  “Never Settle”.

Now lets look at Trump’s International golf clubs.  No, the 18th hole is not so far away that it is in another country.  Maybe it means that the funding comes from Russia through Deutschesbank.  Starting with the New York and New Jersey clubs, it is colder in the winter as explained above, and unbearably humid in the summer.  After Hurricane Sandy, any courses with the coastal view will have to be protected.  Plus, Trump’s own imposed offshore oil drilling, which will endanger all of the nearby ocean resorts.  Except, of course, for Florida, which he exempted.  It is now established that storms will carry more rain, so have fun chipping out of the muddy sand traps.  And tromping through the soaked fairways.  And watching your long putts halting short on the soaked greens.  Especially in the ruts left by Trump lazily driving his golf cart onto his greens.  (Trump holds 17 worldwide golf courses.)

In Trump’s Florida golf club, their will be fewer golfable days, with extended hurricane damage, and a lengthened hurricane season, due to warmer ocean and Gulf water temperatures.  Trump will finally have to learn how to close an umbrella.

Trump once had marketed Trump wines, unscreened by himself, who never drinks.  Vineyards are threatened by climate change, with freezes and excess rainfall on the hillsides.  Trump marketed steaks, which will be disfavored as we cut down on methane emissions from cows.

Trump’s loan sources from the Middle East oil countries are at stake now that the US has taken over the lead in oil, with oil from fracking.  The world will be cutting down oil consumption to fight climate change, and hopefully, someday, switching to electric cars, or cutting down unnecessary commuting.  The same with Russian oilgarchs.  The same with Trump’s oil backers from Texas and Oklahoma, and his coal backers.

As often occurs, those who most deny climate change, are actually the ones most affected by it. 

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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