Will 2020 Be a Fair and Accepted Election?

Will 2020 Be a Fair and Accepted Election?

With Trump’s challenge to the Separation of Powers in the National Emergency of the Wall, will he interfere with the 2020 election?  Actually, Trump has been challenging or violating the Constitution every day.  He has also violated Due Process daily.  Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has also been violating the Constitution since a year before the last Presidential election.  He has also been acceding to every violation of Trump.  And the subservient Republican Senate has been following the Supreme Leader, who commands his core of at least 33% of the electorate.  Then there are all of Trump’s super-conservative federal judicial appointments, including two Supreme Court.

This all came to a head with Trump’s Imperial and Imperious declaration of the National Emergency, whereby he can take over appropriation of earmarked funds of the Department of Defense, no less.  Then Mitch acquiesced, and few Republican Senators have spoken out in protest.  There certainly will not be 20 opposing Republicans to make a 2/3 vote to override a Presidential Veto, should the Senate even pass a protest bill.  

The key message is that Trump might dispute the results of the election, due to “voter fraud”.  Remember that he still believes that three to five million illegal immigrants voted against him, or he would have also won the popular vote, which he lost by 2.7 million votes.  Nobody else can back this up with any facts.  Having written most of the article, I came back here after remembering that he said publicly during the campaign that the 2016 election was “rigged”, and that he might not accept the results, unless he won.  People were apoplectic at that.  However, he had no power then.  Now, Trump thinks he has total power, or at least feels free to test it out.

What stands in his way?  The Speaker of the House hasn’t wavered in breaking the Constitution, backing Trump, and even refusing to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.  The Republicans in the Senate, who’s reelection depended on their backing of Trump, are unlikely to stand up for the Constitution.  

I just read more confirmation of this in Trump’s Miami campaign speech, where he again stated that the US will never become Socialist, after declaring that Democratic Party candidates are socialists, in the last few days.  Since he also said that he will remove Socialists in Latin America, why shouldn’t we assume that this would be his reason for not allowing an American “Socialist” President.  As usual with Trump, people don’t believe that he really means what he has just laid in front of us, until it is too late.

Republicans and Trump have taken every opportunity, in every election, to lessen the voting abilities of Democrats.  Before that, Trump will be insulting and violating Due Process by inferring crimes or scandals by any and all key opponents.  Trump already has Russians working on his reelection, having done nothing to prevent Russian hacking and social influence.  Then Trump has a maximally complicit Attorney General Barr, who believes in Unitary Executive power, as emphasized in the movie VICE.  There may even be attacks from the Republicans in the FBI against Clinton’s emails, like Comey did, and also from Republicans in the Department of Justice.  Let’s not forget the decade of multiple congressional investigations of Clinton, with no real charges.

We are still investigating the collusion of the Trump campaign with the hacked DNC, DCCC, and Democratic Campaign Chairman John Podesta, and forcing the resignation of Debbie Schultz, all around the convention time.  Trump has still denied that Russia did the hacking, despite unanimous certainty of the US intelligence agencies.  

Then there is the possibility of challenging the votes of electors in the electoral college, by first challenging the elections in each state.  

Florida is always a close and disputed state, remember the 2000 Gore-Bush election.  Florida has 29 electoral votes, tied with New York, and behind California with 55, and Texas with 38.  If 37 electoral votes changed sides, there would have been a tie between Trump and Clinton.  Finally, the state of Florida voted with Amendment 4 to allow ex-convicts to vote, and there are as many as 1.4 million of them in Florida.  Being a major way of crushing a minority vote, they would guarantee a victory for a Democrat, if they can be effectively registered.  Republicans have already tried to impede and delay the change to be allowed by this new rule.

The Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions has backed all attempts to scale back Democratic Party votes.  We expect this to continue under AJ Barr.  The Citizens United ruling was really recently, in 2010.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was stripped of enforcement on states only in 2013.  We expect this to continue with the new but still 5-4 very conservative court.  

So the 2020 election?  Why bother.

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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.
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